Sarah Graduates

Sarah Joyce has Graduated.” Last night we all went to the Graduation Ceremony and it was a night to remember. The Monash University, Clayton Campus put on a fine exhibition for all Graduates and their families. Sarah picked up her gown at 5.45pm and when she came out with it on her smile said it all! Off we went to the photography section for family photos.The photographer was so lovely, he meticulously placed Sarah’s hair in the right places and made sure we all tilted and smiled at the proper times. Then we all made our way for a quick nibble before the ceremony started at 8pm.

Wes , Tiffany and I made our way to the building as did so many others. The seats were so amazingly comfortable and you could see the stage so well. Sitting there waiting to hear her name called and see Sarah , Doof” walk to shake hands with the Dean and collect her Certificate brought tears to our eyes. What a massive achievement for her to finally receive an award for all her hard work and dedication. We cheered softly and clapped continuously, we could again see her beaming smile as she found her way back down to her designated seat.Yes we are so very proud of her achievements.

Please enjoy the pictures below of such a wonderful night and we highly recommend all to go along when they to get the opportunity to experience once in a lifetime moment of utter joy!

The smile says it all!


Wes so proud of his girls.


Yes they are doing the hat thing! Sarah and her long time study friend John.

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  1. anna muys on 11 June 2012 at 7:50 pm

    So proud of her.