Sarah & Ace

Sarah and Ace at Pony Club


On Sunday 15th April Sarah took Ace to Pony Club. Ace has been out in the paddock for sometime now just having a relaxed life style and enjoying the country air. After selling LH Adelia Sarah did not have a mount to take to club so she asked her dad if he had a spare in the paddock. Wes said you could borrow Ace if you like”. So over a period of 2 weeks Sarah drove home in between her University studies to see if she could manage riding Ace. The pair were liking each other more and more because when Sarah went to the paddock to catch Ace he would come running to the gate wanting to be ridden. Sarah started off with short rides to start with and after 1 week then could have a longer ride and even a jump. It took 3 washes to make Ace look clean, he was so dirty and his coat gleamed after his pampering. He loved every bit of it and even arched his back with pleasure when we scrubbed him with the rubber curry comb.

Sarah’s first lesson was Cross-country, now Ace has popped a few logs at home on the farm but that is all. To Sarah’s delight Ace sailed over every obstacle she pointed him at. Ace absolutely loved his new identity of loping along on a nice collected canter popping over logs, tyres,drop downs,  picnic tables, ditches and even colvets. He did not even spook at one fence”, said Sarah he was awesome!

The next lesson was Theory and Ace was happy to eat his hay in a yard and after lunch they had  Dressage lesson. Once again Sarah said he did not put a hoof wrong, he was very willing to plod along and do whatever she asked of him. So all in all the day was a success.

Ace & Sarah cruising over a log


Ace & Sarah both looking like they love it!

Ace showing his dressage skill


  1. lalshaven on 26 April 2012 at 4:25 pm

    you look good on him go sarah go

  2. sarah on 26 April 2012 at 4:42 pm

    cant wait to take him to the next rally!!! :))