Richie Rich and Snoopy

These 2 just get cuter every day. Lals Haven Richie Rich & Snoopy ?? They are so strong & healthy.?
Bippity Boppity Boo is looking after them so well. The bellies are so full ! We are so delighted to introduce our latest kids born this month in May. They sure are a bundle of absolute cuteness. Richie Rich is the lighter caramel colour and Snoopy is the grey with black markings. Both boys are DNA verified and are 82.8% pygmy. We are so proud! You can really see the difference in just one week in how quickly the kids develop. By the pictures below you can see Snoopy is looking quite small, petitie and Richie Rich a week alter is stronger and upright. Its remarkable how resilient the pygmy goats really are.

Bippity wanted reassurance and lay down right in front of me for comfort and had no trouble delivering them and before you know it they are up and suckling. It was the ideal birth. So far everything seems to be going well. Mum has loads of milk and is keeping her weight with the Barastoc Goat Mix and pellets. Plus grass hay adlib and a little lurcerne as well. There is loads of fresh grass to nibble at so her diet is working well. If you wish to see some gorgeous videos please visit our socials they will make you smile !

I always worm the does once the kid – otherwise they recieve the minerals suggested by Pat Coleby. I love that book it sure has helped me along the way. Thanks Deb for suggesting it 🙂 We have many more does kidding in coming months so stay tuned for more updates. I am sure you will enjoy following our social channels they are filled with immense happiness and loads of goating!

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