Geelong Show results

Team Joyce ventured off to Geelong for the weekend. We did think we were headed for a wet weekend but the rain disappeared and the sun shone for most of Saturday and Sunday. We picked up Sarah out front of her University on our way through. The jumping arenas were really good and the organisers put on a wonderful show for everyone of all levels. We had 4 horses loaded and arrived after lunch on Saturday afternoon. We first made our yards and then unloaded LH King Arthur, LH Beckham, Irish Ace and LH Noah and they looked quite fresh and happy to be some where new. Sarah hoped on LH Noah and took him to see all the hype surrounding the show, it was his first time out so she took him quietly. Wes was first on LH Beckham in the 1.25m Open and placed 4th jumping 2 great rounds. Then Irish Ace was saddled up for the 1.35m and he placed 5th. LH King Arthur went in the 1.05m in Ring 2 but as we all do as riders now and then Wes lost his way in the jump off! “Us as experts” were all yelling from the side lines but it was to late he had not seen it in time. Oh well this happens from time to time and there was always tomorrow.

Team Joyce truck and yards

Sarah in the sand arena riding LH Noah for his first time out at a show

Sarah & LH Noah


Sarah and LH Noah getting ready for the freshmans round

LH King Arthur looking very happy in his yard

Waking up on Sunday morning  was wonderful because you could see the weather was going to be kind and calm which meant the arenas were going to be even better for jumping today. LH Beckham was first and went in the B & C Grade as he has just gone B Grade after his win last weekend at Glenbrae , the Yarra Valley Showjumping Show.

LH Beckham just jumped in the B & C Grade placing 4th and now waiting in his yard for the A & B Grade class straight after

Irish Ace was first to go in the A & B Grade class and jumped a super clear round. Then we quickly changed the gear and put it on LH Beckham and he also delighted us and jumped clean. LH Beckham went first in the jump off and by this stage the jumps were quite big! He tried his best and just had 2 down but came out of the ring very relaxed and happy which is what we all aim for when stepping horses up the next level. Irish Ace did not fair so well and Wes retired him early and kept him for another day as he was going to place in the placing anyway. So all in all LH Beckham placed 3rd and Irish Ace placed 4th.

Queen strapper Sarah holding Iris Ace for Wes while he rode LH Beckham

Wes on Irish Ace standing getting the ribbons next to Brooke Dobbin both looking very happy with the class


Wes and Sarah walking back after the A & B Grade class

Last to go was LH King Arthur in the D Grade Championship and he placed 2nd. Wes was so pleased with how Arthur jumped he seemed to jump the heights quite easily and was able to pick up his pace as well.

Wes and LH King Arthur parading their lovely ribbon, what a lovely way to end the day with King Arthur putting his best hoof forward!


LH Beckham in the B & C Grade

Also Natasha Dixon was at Geelong with LH Warsaw who once was part of Team Joyce. Natasha has been going so well in competitions Australia wide entering in many levels ranging from Junior’s , Young Riders and Open classes. We loved watching both of them jump two clear faultless rounds in the young Rider Championship on Sunday and being placed 3rd was a delightful result.

In 3rd place Natasha and LH Warsaw, well done to you both and we look forward to hearing how you go at Adelaide Royal this year in the Junior section.