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Stewarts Innovations proudly introduce the formula that really works! Ph Sue: 0408101124

Stewarts Innovations proudly introduce the formula that really works! Ph Sue: 0408101124


Topics of interest that Lals Haven provide for our readers

= The beginning of Team Joyce – read how Team Joyce began which is no different to many others’, at the bottom with minimal luxuries and slowly accumulating more luxurious luxuries over many years of persistence and dedication and doing what we love most/ showjumping horses as a family. Then spending over 21 years creating Lals Haven Warmbloods here in South Gippsland.


Results of shows we attend – see  pictures and videos of events and read results of Lals Haven performance horses at competitions

= Watch Volta Grow – we started full monthly reports on Oaks Volta since he was 8 months old. Everyone can watch him grow”, see all the changes as he develops into a Performance Stallion.

~   Read about Oaks Volta’s feeding regime and the changes KER advised to make and why!

~   Read about all the different types of worming pastes and which one you should use and when!

~   Read about Volta’s weight change each month and why it went up or down?

~   See video’s and pictures of every change that have occurred for the past 12 months.

~   Catch up on his first wash, trim, floating trip and rugging…https://lalshaven.au/category/watch-volta-grow/

~   Watch Volta being ridden under saddle and jump for the first time! https://lalshaven.au/volta-april-news-2/

~  Stay tuned to Watch Oaks Volta  develop into a performance stallion….we look forward to serving just a couple of our own Lals Haven mares late in 2014.

Luisa Wood offers diet recommendations to anyone for “FREE” ( Kentucky Equine Research KER )

for information on how to get your ” FREE” assessment, read the links below and follow the steps its easy!




= The Pony Jumping Game – a Showjumping board game Team Joyce developed to sell https://lalshaven.au/about/

= Read stories past and present of what the SOLD Lals Haven horses are doing and achieving. https://lalshaven.au/category/new-owners/

= Equestrian Life Showjumping bloggers http://www.equestrianlife.com.au/pages/Show-Jumpers-Team-Joyce

=Read some of our 180 posts  – https://lalshaven.au/archives/

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