Port Phillip Club Horsepower Showjumping Classic

Team Joyce headed off to Lang Lang showgrounds to attend the Port Phillip Club Horsepower Summer Classic held over the weekend. On the Saturday 15th we took LH Beckham and LH King Arthur and when we left home the rain was pelting down but when we arrived at Lang Lang the sun was shinning! The set up of the arenas was just perfect, you could see the club had put in many hours to make the surface perfect to jump off. The new warm up arena was a real special delight and with plenty of room to park as well.

Wes getting LH Beckham ready for the Merlin Park A & B Grade class


Wes walking LH Beckham to the new warm up arena


Wes waiting for his turn to jump


A look at the A & B Grade 1.30m class

The first class for Wes was the Merlin Park A & B Grade 1.30m class riding LH Beckham and it was a class of 16 riders and only 4 horses jumped clean and one of those was LH Beckham. Wes had a great jump off round and LH Beckham jumped fantastically and they placed 2nd.

Wes and LH Beckham receiving their 2nd ribbon from the Sponsor from Merlin Park, Murray Sproull, Thankyou so much for your kind support!

Wes and LH Beckham with his 2nd place ribbon

Then Wes jumped LH King Arthur in the D Grade and they to jumped clean and with 25 horses coming back for the jump off they ended up 7th not quick enough to place today but we could not have asked Arthur to jump any better, he did his best and thats good enough for us!.

On Sunday morning Wes and I were lucky to have Sarah and LH Albert join us. We reloaded LH King Arthur, LH Beckham and LH Albert ( Sarah’s new edition to Team Joyce ) When we arrived we tied up LH Beckham and LH King Arthur and saddled up LH Albert for Sarah to have a ride around the showgrounds. This was his very first truck trip and outing with us.

LH King Arthur tied up and waiting for his ride

LH Beckham also tied up and waiting for the A & B Grade Championship

LH Beckham & LH Albert at the show

Our first class was the A&B Grade Championship and LH Beckham was number 5 in the draw. Wes and Beckham jumped a super clean round. Only 4 horses made the jump off and Wes was second to go. The pair really did have a real good go with trying to obtain a cracking good fast time and clean but on the 3rd last fence Wes turned up a bit tight and before he knew it the fence was there and with only 1 and 1/2 strides Beckham could not make it from there. So Wes had to re approach and jumped all clean. They placed a very wonderful 3rd place and we  were all so very pleased with how LH Beckham has stepped up to B Grade. Thanks must go to Izzy Daphni for helping Wes warm up as well. Having a chat afterwards with Wes he said , ” It was all my fault I had the wrong fence in the corner of my eye and thought it was at least 3 strides away but because Beckham turned to well the proper fence was way to close. It was a fabulous round for our youngster to even place in this top class but this is now another pleasing result under Beckham’s belt.

Wes and Beckham placing 3rd” it was terrific!

The next class was the Ponderossa Young horse class, in other words a Futurity. LH King Arthur was number 8 in the draw and jumped a smooth clean round, as did our faithful LH Beckham who was number 19 in the draw.

Wes waiting for his turn to jump on LH King Arthur

LH King Arthur went around superbly in the jump off but did have 1 rail down but never fear LH Beckham was the clear” winner, ” Wes was last to go in the jump off and he really put his hoof to the metal as they say ( peddle to the metal ), Beckham was truly a champion in the making the more pressure Wes applied the stronger he jumped and faster to ! Wesley and LH Beckham placed 1st in this Futurity  so for this week end, the pair placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd, what more could you ask of your youngster! Clear winners of the Pondersosa Young horse Championship.

Wes was so pleased, it was lovely to see his huge smile!

The winners receiving their well ernt 1st ribbon

Yes this is Team Joyce’s last show of the year 2012, and we can say our Team of Performance horses went out on a high! Wes is so pleased with how they have jumped all year and we are very excited for 2013. We have a new team for 2013 who will join our current team. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all our readers of our updates on Watch Volta Grow and Team Joyce results.

See you all then! Bye for now……..