Oaks Volta at Boneo Park

It was time for a second outing and looking at the jumping calendar it was a pretty obvious decision of where to take our up and coming performance stallion Oaks Volta . This time Team Joyce used the horse float and seeings though it would be a maiden voyage for Oaks Volta we wondered how he would react to a different mode of transport with no company? Oaks Volta at Boneo Park is a very exciting read because he claims his very first prize!

Wes and I awoke very early to make the trek down to Rosebud and Oaks Volta was also prodded to wake and load up onto the horse float for his very first trip to a showjumping competition. Boneo Park hold monthly competitions catering for all levels over two days. Team Joyce are huge fans of Boneo Park so whenever an opportunity arises and we have a horse to take we go! Oaks Volta needs to see how amazing it is as he will be a regular visitor in the near future.

We parked way out the back to make sure we were not going to invade any bodies area or upset surrounding horses , as this day out was as new to us as it was Volta. Team Joyce have a plan to leave him loaded on the float during the short time we were there. Our time frame was meticulously planned to arrive with little waiting around for each class and it worked to perfection. Wes saddled and mounted to give Oaks Volta a good look around and out the back there are four small bull rings I call them with the same surface as in the jumping arenas which is just the ultimate for us as this gave Volta a look and feel as to what the sand was like under his hooves. Twenty minutes later we made our way over to the arena. Within another short time the pair were jumping in the 80cm AM7 class. At Lang Lang we started him in the 65cm and 75cm today he was doing the 80cm and 90cm ,next time he will start in a 90cm and 1m. These are all gradual moves , its not so much the height for Oaks Volta but more so the different looking colors and fills along with distances that he needs to experience.

Wes was smiling the whole time riding around the warm up it was great to see Volta concentrating on the job at hand and it was the same on course. This is a major bonus to training a youngster and especially a young stallion he needs to understand he has a whole array of different jobs to do and be receptive to them all and respect Wes’s commands and do what he asks willingly. We are both thrilled to inform you Oaks Volta achieved a 4th place out of a field of 20 horses. The bright green ribbon matched perfectly with his green stallion discs on his bridle. This ribbon will be kept as a memento and placed with his black sash and rug he also achieved when he passed the (AWHA) Australian Warmblood Horse Association Colt selection a few weeks ago.

He was loaded back onto the float for a little break only to come out again for the 90cm.


He was very calm this time and looked a little sapped for energy. Its amazing how a youngster goes from oozing lots of vigor to quite weary. He jumped just as flashy as the first round with just one rail not making the jump off. Wes walked him back on a long rein with a beaming grin!

He was happy to load and go home to curl up in his nice warm cosy stable hopefully dreaming of many more fabulous days out with Team Joyce.

Oaks Volta proudly sponsored by Baratsoc KERHorseland – Joint Rejuvenate

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