Most difficult blog

Due to a stable injury Team Joyce no longer have our champion 🙁 This particular blog would have to be the most difficult one I have ever had to write to date. Team Joyce have honestly shared many highlights and low lights for the past 20 years. We have encouraged many of you to ride with us experiencing everything horses have to offer.

Tragic losses do heal but take a long time

Team Joyce have expressed openly even before Oaks Volta joined our stables what we hope to achieve. Wes’s passion is horses he idolizes them in every way. Spends hours around them in the flesh and in his spare time searching for them on the internet watching them on television it is the first topic in conversation.

We hope you enjoy watching the video below

Captivating his full life as he enriched ours from the very beginning
Wes & I are on ore of our Oaks Volta
Wes & I are on ore of our Oaks Volta

Horses are his whole life

Purchasing Oaks Volta at only 6 months was a huge step for us. We loved everybody ‘ Watching Volta Grow ‘ with us. This concept was so much fun and generated a huge group of faithful followers. This is the time again we wish to touch on that support. We thank you for encouraging us with all Volta’s up & downs there were many rocky roads but the biggest highlight was definitely his very last event.

2nd place Australian Showjumping Championships Futurity 2019

Boy did Wes & Volta shine at both events actually. The Boneo Cup & Australian Jumping Championships. Everything Wes had worked toward was achieved over those two weeks. Volta will be remembered for his big brown warming eyes ,handsomeness, scope, loving nature ,personality, strength,energy, smooches, whinnies and ride ability. Wes produced and educated him well. He went out on a high. If you wish to recap these two events and hear Wes talk about his champion.

Oaks Volta
My Wes is devastated at the lose of this very special horse Oaks Volta

Gone but lives on in his progeny

The one feature that keeps Team Joyce going everyday at Lals Haven would be admiring his progeny. They ooze his qualities mentioned above we see Volta everyday in them and we are sure they will provide riders with a huge amount of fun in years to come, ‘he lives on’ through them.Volta is a stunning looking horse very captivating a real head turner and his young stock give you that same feeling. Look at me I am a nice kind willing horse who loves people.

Oaks Volta
Kindly taken by Gone Riding Media

Please continue to join Team Joyce

We invite you to stay on board ride with Team Joyce as we have many more adventures to conquer together. Hopefully you will enjoy watching his babies mature into fine Lals Haven Performance Horses. There are plenty of frozen straws available if you wish to breed your own Volta champion.

These beautiful words sum it up so well

We are holding you close
and kissing your face.
Our thoughts are of you
which time will never erase.

Those we love don’t go away
they walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard, but always near
so loved, so missed, so very dear

Our heart aches in sadness,
and secret tears still flow,
what it meant to loose you Oaks Volta
no one will ever know