More kids arrived

Lets us welcome more kids to Lals Haven Goat Stud. It really is a very exciting time when all the newborns appear. We all wait patiently looking for the labour signs of the does looking close to giving birth. I have a camera installed in all 5 birthing suites so I can watch them 24/7. It is such a relief to be able to open the app and watch the live action.

All 5 does were put into the seperate birthing suites ready to give birth. It sure was e very hectic 48 hours. All of them kidded over that time. I was very fortunate indeed because all of the does kidded with no issues and all had 2 kids each. I have the warming lights on at night for the first few days making sure all the babies sleep very comfortably.

The indiviudal pens work so well. Each doe is very composed and can relax much quicker with no worries of being disturbed or bullied. This is the ultimate bonding time for mum and bub/s. I spend alot of time in the first week watching all of them to make sure the mums are feeling healthy producing plenty of milk and both quaters are emptying daily. They sure do enjoy a good brush !

All the new kids also get the salon pampering treatment. Making sure they are putting on weight, drinking strongly and looking in good physical condition. I increase the does feed making sure she gets a good mixture of protien and roughage and access to plenty of water. Some does need more cider vinegar so I add that as well. They are all let out of the pens for a run about day 3. Now that is the loveliest time to watch the kids run jump and express all the excitement of being free!!! By this time I find the mums bleat is well recognised with her babies. They all communicate very well by this time. So when they are put with other does and kids they all come when they are called.

We are so very pleased with this crop of kids this year. The chocolate colour sure has come out in abundance which is what we were hoping for. Plenty of does as well which makes the whole experience very fulfilling.

Does that kidded September 2023

Bambi – 2 wethers ( Lals Haven Doc Halliday & Bill the Kid )

Jewel – 1 wether and 1 doeling ( Lals Haven Rufus & Oreo)

Snow Angel – 1 wether and 1 doeling ( Lals Haven Banjo & Snow White )

Tess – 2 doelings ( Lals Haven Choc Delight & Dolly )

Claire – 2 doelings ( Lals Haven Nougat & Dixie )

Does that kidded October 2023

Princess Margaret – triplets 2 doelings & 1 wether( Lals Haven Queen Elizabeth, Lady Danbury & Forrest)

Megssy – triplets 2 doelings & 1 wether ( Lals Haven Murphy & girls to be named )

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