Improving our herd

Lals Haven Goat Stud have a new goal for 2024. We are aiming to breed all our own kids here on the farm. We have purchased two new bucks who should produce top quality stock. With the aim of improving our does and create a mixture of colour within our herd.

This will not be a short term process it will take quite a few years. We started just over 18 months ago with does ranging from 12-45% pygmy and today we now own bucks and does up to 87.5% pygmy breeding. We used to transport the does off our property to be put in kid but now we can use our own bucks and they are 87.5% pygmy.

All our stock will be DNA verified. DNA testing can be used to determine the ancestry of each kid. This testing is very beneficial for breeders and owners who would like further information about the heritage of their mixed-breed pets.

You will have certainty of knowing each kid is actually bred by that sire and dam. We have always thought this was a important factor when breeding animals. It was how we bred our performance horses and it is the same with our pygmy goats. As a responsible breeder we believe in utilising the testing available to ensure that we are breeding what we say.

Below are our stunning registered goats puchased in Victoria and on record with the National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia. This society do not stipulate DNA. It is up to the individual whether they wish to obtain the DNA.

Trinity Paul Hogan – 87.5% pygmy buck

Trinity Sweet Pea – 81.25% doe & her daughter Lals Haven Sweet Treat 84.375% pygmy doeling.

Trinity Paul Hogan 87.5%

We have purchased another high percentage buck & doe this time from QLD. They are DNA verified and have the certificates to show the family tree. They are registered with a different society named MGBA – Minature Goat Breeders Association. This society requires DNA verification of all pygmy’s if you are showing your goats in the ring.

So again it is the breeders preference – do you prefer to DNA or not? No society makes you do so. Lals Haven Goats Stud choose to DNA regardless.

Lals Haven Goat Stud are registered breeders. The Australian Goat Socities have a wealth of knowledge and we are always learning something new from those who have been breeding for decades. As they say ” Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.”