Lily and Albert excelled

Last weekend both Sarah and I competed on our horses at different competitions and both Lily and Albert excelled all expectations. Lily star just blew me away well and truly beyond my dreams.

On the Saturday Lil star and I went to the Randall Park Dressage day. It has been over 20 years since I have ridden out and about , at my last dressage outing Sarah was just walking Tiffany was in a pram. Time just flies by without taking a breath. Back then the days out were rushed and hectic this day was totally different. Wes was there by my side all the way how funny to have him strap for me lol. Thank you Mickey for inspiring me to have a go’ your videoing commentary enhanced the footage. Wes’s jump saddle and riding hat along with Mickey kindly giving me her chaps worked a treat’ .

On Sunday Sarah and Albert went off to the Corner Inlet Combined Training Day. There was not a lot of time for Sarah to ride this past week due to exams, they only arrived home late Friday afternoon missing a shoe so Wes quickly tapped it back on. Then when she gave him a work out Saturday she rang to say he lost it again so Wes tried to secure it Saturday after taking me out for the day. With only a few hours sleep working the night for Halloween patrons Sarah hoped Albert would behave himself for the days competition.

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