LH Lily Puss claims Memorial prize

Team Joyce went in opposite directions for the second time last weekend. Sarah & I went to a Dressage competition while Wes and Tiffany went off showjumping. We all came away with great moments to remember forever. Sarah topped it off with two huge Jackpot wins , Wes placed in a class of sixty combinations and it was only Oaks Volta’s sixth time out. To my surprise Lil Star won herself a mighty title. LH Lily Puss claims Memorial prize. The Karen Powel Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Highest Dressage Percentage scorer from the Leongatha & District Equestrian Club. It caught me by surprise I had no idea and when they announced it my heart skipped a beat all I could think about was how wonderful my life has become since Lily arrived. The joy she brings is enormous words cannot describe my feelings.

LH Lily Puss claims Memorial prize

I just wish to quickly touch on some special words I read in the card given with the prizes. Karen Powel was a loyal and valued member of the L&DEC she was not always well enough to compete but always available to pencil at dressage days and wanted to be involved. She was truly an inspirational cheerful lady who loved animals. Her last hours on Mother’s Day in 2003 were spent in her front paddock in-hand training her beautiful 2 year old horse Duco. Happy riding

Helen Guy ‘.

Karen Powel Memorial

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Sarah rode LH Albert in Level 1 completing four tests over the weekend. To our amazement they won the Jackpot both days to come away with 2 embroidered rugs. This meant a lot to Sarah because most of her time is spent studying to become a Veterinarian at university up in Wagga Wagga , finally the year has come to an end meaning riding at competitions can happen more often. When Uni is in full swing she only has time for trail riding but does enjoy this so it is not a chore.

Sarah says Albi gives her the break she needs from the reading and computer work.

We know how much he loves the lifestyle up there becasue when he comes home the twice a day care peters down to every second day. He sulks a little about it by not running to the gate when she visits home, he is never neglected. Lily and I achieved two 3rd placings one on Sat and one on Sunday in Level 4. We are now looking forward to the TTT HRCAV Dressage competition. Click to enlarge pictures


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