Lals Haven Petite Prim qualifies Nationals again

Many years ago Team Joyce used to breed Riding Ponies. In this blog I would love to reflect on Lals Haven Petite Prim. Wes & I tried our hand in producing pretty show ponies for our girls. They were to young to showjump at events , back then the smallest height one could enter was 1.10m. So to have them riding with Wes at shows we competed in the hacking ring for 7-9 years. Fortunately we can claim some wonderful accolades one being breeders of Lals Haven Petite Prim who has won the 2015 Equestrian Australia Nationals Title. Even better news Lals Haven Petite Prim Qualifies Nationals again.

Lals Haven Petite Prim has a new owner in Tasmania

Recently I received a wonderful update from Felicity Graeme Radley informing me that her 11 year old son Jackson was going to try and qualify for the Nationals as well. Firstly they needed to obtain some credentials. Off they went to the Tasmania HOTY and not only did they win the Childs Medium Show Pony Section but also the Open Medium Show Pony as well !!

Lals Haven Petite Prim qualifies Nationals again

LH Petite Prim & Jackson take out the Open & Childs section

The Radley family are crossing the seas to Werribee in Victoria very soon hoping to claim the Equestrian Australia Nationals Title for 2018. Can Lals Haven Petite Prim win it for a second time? Stay tuned……

Good luck Jackson please keep us posted

Thank you so much for researching Lals Haven we look forward to more updates 🙂

LH Petite Prim in her new home in Tasmania ridden by Jackson Radley

LH Petite Prim in her new home in Tasmania ridden by Jackson Radley. He began riding at the age of 3.

More info –

  • Team Joyce bred Lals Haven Petite Prim
  • Wesley broke in Petite Prim
  • Dale Plumb purchased Prim as a 4 year old
  • Tyler Harris rode LH Petite Prim to win the Nationals 2015 ( pic above )
  • Petite Prim has been campaigned with the Deavin family and won Supreme Champion overall at Launceston Royal and Supreme Champion at Ascot as well as many other Champions. She is very successful and will also be going to the 2018 EA Nationals.
  • Wes produced many nice show ponies for his girls giving them a huge amount of enjoyment
  • Tiffany rode in the hack ring for 9 years – Sarah 7 years
  • Back in the day both girls could start showjumping at the age of 12 years competing in Junior classes & D Grade jumping events

Blast from the past pictures