Future Stars Triple Crown Title

This blog is definitely one I want to share with you all. Wes decided two months ago he was going to strive to win the 2018 Future Stars Triple Crown Title. This consisted of being able to perform well in three Future Star classes at three different venues over three weeks running. Future Stars meaning the horse had to be aged between 6-10 years and have less than 40 points. Oaks Volta fitted this criteria.

Wes set his sights on striving for the 2018 Future Stars Triple Crown Title

Winning trophy rug

Trophy rug for the Future Stars Triple Crown Title winner

Gippsland Showjumping Championships Tonimbuk , Boneo Classic & Sale Summer Elms were the three names for the events Team Joyce attended to claim the major prize. Of course it all comes down to how consistent your horse can be and as a result Oaks Volta gathered enough points over the series to take out top spot.

Probably one of the biggest prizes Volta has won

Below are 2 videos taken at Boneo Classic competing in the Future Stars class.

Jump off round

Wes was pleasantly shocked with how Volta came out each time jumping so well. We are still learning in regards to maintaining his stamina. There is a fine line between to much work and not enough. Some days in amongst those weeks were extremely hot. Making sure our horses cooled down correctly and placing ice-boots on, knowing the right supplements when required were all very important things to think about. The end result with the presentation at Sale Summer Elms saw Wes & Volta rewarded with the 2018 Future Stars Triple Crown Title.

Father & daughter having a chat about the jumping round

Wes having a chat with Tiffany after her jumping round

Wes having a chat with Tiffany after her jumping round

We took our young mare to the Sale Summer Elms show for experience. LH Queenie is a rising 5 yo warmblood mare by Quintago. Her Dam is a full sister to Fernhill Zin Zan. She was very well behaved on both days. Queenie was very relaxed sleeping in her yard for the first time and even when the massive trucks drove in she stood and watched without getting upset. She is a very kind willing mare already showing a natural technique over the showjumps.

LH Queenie is for sale

Team Joyce asked Airlie Robinson if she would kindly sign her photo we placed on either side of our truck. Airlie is the current leader of the Barastoc Lals Haven Victorian Showjumper Season Award riding Mt Robinsons Quintana Z.

Will Airlie win 1 tonne Barastoc Calm Performer ? Stay tuned competition ends June 2018