Korumburra Holden Classic

Team Joyce went to their home town show this weekend. The Korumburra Agricultural Society Show hold the Showjumping section of the February event in November. The oval was in tip top shape for jumping even after the down pour of rain during the week. Many competitors were wondering if the show would go ahead, and yes it did because of the great drainage under ground. Rings 1 and 2 held up perfectly with all the horses jumping round after round and the actual jumping equipment looked very attractive, there was so much color and a few plants also provided a very scenic view from above. Riders traveled from afar to enjoy the two days of top jumping , from sale ~ Yarra Valley ~ Black Spur ~ Tallarook and even Lara. The campers enjoyed the easy access to water and power it helped make the stay very enjoyable. I think this show really provides all the basic necessities easily which is why many walk around relaxed and happy. The Korumburra Pony Club work very hard all day Saturday and Sunday to cook very tasty affordable meals , this encourages spectators and riders to support the local volunteers. Some shows have very expensive prices on food so most of us would bring their own. Not this weekend!!

The view of the rings from the hill

The view of the rings from the hill

Team Joyce took the Beast with LH Adele, LH King Arthur, LH Pugsly and LH Johnny. Then loaded LH Folly on the float so Jess Hurley her new owner could ride at the show in her very first competition. Wes was first to go on LH Adele in the Dave Harris Excavations 1.05m and she jumped a lovely clean round. Then Tiffany took LH Johnny and they had 10a down ,Tiffany said it was her fault she had an option to push on or try to cut out and well they ended up with a mix up and Johnny just tapped the rail. Then Jess rode LH Folly HC , in this class to just have a practice run and get a feel for jumping on her new horse. If a rider chooses to ride HC in a class during the day of competition it does mean they must ride HC all day this means they are non-competitive. LH Folly is graded C Grade therefor she is not eligible to ride in a Maiden D Grade 4 points and under so to be able to enter she must go HC. The pair went extremely well and had one rail just travelling a bit to slow into the same oxer as Tiffany.

The next class was the Morwell Panel Works Open 1.20m Table C , which means a speed class and Wesley rode both Bolero de la Vie & Ulouve B Z . Bolero had one straight fence and Ulouve jumped clean but was not in the fastest four times for a placing. Both horses have never started straight up in a 1.20m and they both showed immense talent so the next class The Platinum Equine Open 1.30m was definitely going to be a big ask to see if they really did have the scope to do more? Wes rode Bolero first and the open mouth’ wow ‘factor appeared on my face. I looked at Tiffany she was the same, Bolero jumped the whole course with ease .Ulouve just had two green rails . Both horses jumped super and with more room to spare, Ian , Pat,  Kim,  Mikayla , Shae Mouser and Team Joyce were so pleased and could not wait to see how the jump off would go. Wes also started The King and he jumped a clean round so Wes has two rides in the jump off. Bolero was first in the jump off and well once again Bolero showed he has it all and just tapped the very last fence down a straight fence and Wes said it was a rider error . The King also took it all in his stride and just had a fly by’ but jumped clean so still ended up with four faults. A ‘fly by’ is when the horse is drifting and not going straight to the fence , out to the side quite slowly with no impulsion and a re-approach is needed. So the final results was a proud 4th placing for Bolero de la Vie! Yes everyone in Team Joyce and Team Mouser were quite delighted.

LH Adele was next in the South Gippsland Stables & Fencing Open 1.10m and she found the doubles hard to come back at and just plucked two rails in both combinations, the distances were just catching her out. She would run just past the spot and this is a typical young horse trait and will improve in time after doing more rounds its just patience and persistence from the rider. This is Adele’s fourth show and jumping 1.o5m is very comfortable for her the 1.10m are just more difficult for her at the moment. LH Puglsy had two rails but was easy to ride on course.

We went home and unloaded our horses fed them and drive back into the showgrounds to help Jess with LH Folly as they had entered the Wide Span Sheds Junior Championship. What a great class and it was well supported by about 30 Juniors. Jess rode perfectly and guided Folly around the course clear. Then the jump off and again this was very pleasing to watch as the two cleanly and calmly approached each fence and made it look so easy. Now because they rode HC in the mornings class they had to be HC in this class, so un-officially they placed 2nd!! Jess was also crowned the Junior Championship winner because she actually won on her other horse so she could have placed 1st and 2nd! Well done Jess

Jess and LH Folly in the Wide Span Sheds Junior Championship

Jess and LH Folly in the Wide Span Sheds Junior Championship

Sunday morning was even better just because the weather was just divine! Team Joyce only loaded LH King Arthur, LH Johnny and LH Adele. LH Folly slept in a yard with her new owner Jess. First up was the Herb & Ada Shandley Memorial Ladies Jump 1.10m and Tiffany was going to attempt this with LH Johnny. This course had a triple in it and off a related line so this was going to be a harder ride for Tiffany as Johnny has not actually jumped a triple let alone off a related line. Anyway the pair cruised around the course and Johnny jumped what ever he was pointed at and the triple came up sweet Tiffany was stoked with just one rail a straight fence near the end of the course.

Bolero de la Vie and Ulouve BZ were now to have a go in the Taranto Windows & Glass Open 1.25m, Bolero had the very last rail on the course and Ulouve jumped clean. There were 9 in the jump off out of 40 and Ulouve jumped another lovely clean faultless round but was not in the fastest four times. It was a very pleasing show for the Team Mouser horses.

It was now LH King Arthur’s turn in the Holden Colorado & Colin Watson Holden 1.35m . There were about 20 starters and it was a long course , only 4 horses jumped clean and The King was one of those. Wes was getting quite tired now after riding so many but was very keen to have one more go. Arthur jumped so well and had one rail and a fly by” as they call it and placed 4th with the class resulting in 2 clean rounds and 1 four faulter and Wes on 8 faults. I have uploaded the first round and the jump off showing the fly by. Some of the course was not really favorable for big striding horses at all and at some stages Wes felt he was having to swing off Arthur’s head to get him to come up the S-bend of three jumps 5,6,7 after the treble 4a,b,c , the distance in the double 10a ,b  near the embankment was to short for Arthur , it suited the smaller striding horses. Hopefully as he matures he will be able to come back underneath himself and tackle shorter distances easier, stay tuned for the journey. Wes is very pleased with The King and loves riding him.


Now you can watch the jump off, and the very last fence is very hard to see as it blends in with the hill!


Team Joyce loved seeing Izzy Dafni on Saturday riding Lals Haven Cario in the South Gippsland Stables & Fencing Open 1.10m and Sophie Elphick riding LH Adelia on the Sunday in the Martin Alomes 1.05m all riding full of confidence and loving jumping. Team Joyce keep in touch regularly and admire the hard work both these riders commit to each day to improve their horses and riding. Izzy and Cario just had two rails , these two are a perfect match made in heaven and have come so far. Sophie and Adelia were just starting out in the 70cm at this show last year and only twelve months later after consistent hard work placed 2nd in the 1.05m class. Sophie dedicates every morning rising early before work to ride Adelia and prepare for shows.

It was very sad to say goodbye to LH Folly but we know we shall see them both soon and Jess said she would send us pictures and keep us in the loop. Horses know things , Folly whinnied just like Brittany did when loaded into the new owners float as if to say where am I going? I must say the tears welled in our eyes both times because they have both been massive parts of our showjumping lives. It is so wonderful to find two wonderful perfect homes for both of them.

Team Joyce have a weekend off and then we are off to Sale World Cup show .


  1. Izzy on 18 November 2013 at 8:36 am

    Thanks again Guys for all your help and kind words, you guys do lead by example and run a very professional team. Thanks again and will catch up soon.
    P.S. Thanks again for a great Horse he is the Best 🙂

  2. Sue hurley on 18 November 2013 at 11:59 am

    Jess had a nice after show ride on folly today – I must say this lovely horse did not bat an eyelid and was so relaxed and easy – it was such a pleasure to see
    Trish and Wes and Tiffany thank you so much for you support this weekend – was invaluable and also much appreciated – Folley travelled really well to her new home and whinnied t me this morning when doing the feeding round – she will be much loved and cared for – we are very excited to be a part of folleys future and to be with team Joyce –
    Thank you again – sue & Jess and of course the fabulous folly xx