Follow the stories of how Team Joyce began

Hello, we have started a brand new blog and hope you can all join us! Team Joyce’s new chapter and number one has been posted. Did you see it? Have you read about it? Well if not click this link:

It will be the first of many stories as we all started some where and we started over 20 years ago!. Equestrian Life Magazine have kindly supported our idea and will post every chapter along with pictures and even video clips as back in the day Trish was a very keen dedicated video master, she videoed everything that moved ha ha…..there will be many good laughs along the way and we are sure you will all thoroughly enjoy this new concept. Doesn’t everyone start at the beginning, Team Joyce did to.

The Beginning of Team Joyce Chapter 1

Wes and Trish had a riding school and Sarah Joyce was only 2 years of age, Tiffany Joyce a mere 7 months old . Team Joyce had produced a very enthusiastic horse lover in Sarah , she rode every day………………………… more and see pictures and actual footage of her riding on the link above. Click like on the  Equestrian Life Magazine story or send in feed back on your thoughts!

Sarah leading Emily

Sarah leading Emily, click the picture!

Sarah and her first newspaper interview!

Sarah and her first newspaper interview!, click the picture…


But wait we have more news” Oh sorry we cannot tell that right now…but stay tuned we have more to tell…will reveal all next week after Eatser Have a very Happy Easter to all .

Kind Regards Team Joyce