First 90cm LH Miss Boss

It was Sarah’s turn to have a go in the jumping arena on Saturday at the PPSJC Show. Wes has spent a lot of time on LH Miss Boss hoping she would cart Sarah around the 90cm course. Talking in the car on the way down we realised it had been a few years since Sarah rode at a showjumping show. Starting straight up in the 90cm was also long ago. Dressage training has been the forefront with LH Albert. How did they go ? First 90cm LH Miss Boss ,first time for both horse & rider. Also Volta stars once again , he has not even competed in ten shows yet.

LH Miss Boss is For Sale

LH Miss Boss behaved perfectly in both the warm up and showjumping arenas. She is such a sweet natured mare, very obliging and loves to jump. Sarah says how much she likes the feeling when approaching the fences how she tows you in , feels like she looks and wants to get there. Miss Boss was not fazed by the people nor the tents ring side , definitely a great attribute for a youngster. Another accomplishment ticked off for LH Miss Boss completing 90cm with no trouble at all.

Easy going nicely mannered warmblood mare

Finished by 9am off home again to load Oaks Volta and come back for more jumping. Team Joyce had to use the horse float because we decided to pull apart the ramp on the Beast. It was not such a quick simple easy task. We were close but not close enough as the Sikaflex was still damp. It will be dry by tonight though with this warm weather.

Oaks Volta travelled nicely being his first time ever on a horse float. He was number 6 in the KWA Open 1.20m Speed out of 70 combinations. He was the fastest cleanest round until the third last horse pipped him and Volta placed a credible 2nd. Team Joyce are very pleased with this result.

Oaks Volta jumps the 1.20m height with ease

Team Joyce very happy with 2nd place , Volta jumped super

Team Joyce very happy with 2nd place , Volta jumped super

We could see the weather was slowly changing from blue sky to dark grey in the distance. Wes and Volta drew number 2 in the draw for the Horse Barn Open 1.30m which suited us perfectly going by the weather gods.  This class was to be another speed event becasue the organisers could see that they needed to try and get through this class as quickly as possible.

Wes started out fast from fence 1 and built his momentum up from there

I enjoyed watching these two making this bigger course look doable. I have to remind myself that Volta is still a youngster’ has only been to 12 events and here we are jumping 1.30m and fast to. Wes would not do it if he thought he was not ready . I am thrilled to see that all the waiting since he was 6 months of age is finally proving to be a worthy cause.

Oaks Volta stars for Team Joyce

Wes loves the feeling he gets when he is able to turn up short’ cut out or add strides and even slice fences on any angle going slow or fast. It really does not matter what he does Oaks Volta jumps and wants to jump clean. Can this really be the horse Wes has hoped for his whole life? So far so good …Volta again jumped a super fast clean round.

Look at the stretch over the last oxer its amazing for a horse who has done so little

The weather turned nasty. Only 10 horses to jump and they had to stop jumping. The wind blew strongly as the rain pelted down. We drove home not knowing the final results hoping to hear tomorrow morning.

At 9.15pm the brilliant news came

Wesley & Oaks Volta won the Horse Barn Open 1.30m !! So its a 1st & 2nd for this pair…celebrations went well into the night for just the two if us. We even went down to the stables to let Volta know how he starred ‘ stay tuned for more Team Joyce updates.