Euroa Jumping Classic

What a fabulous 3 days for Team Joyce!

Wes and I drove the Beast and four horses to Euroa on Thursday afternoon. Sarah drove down from Holbrook where she is currently doing work placements for her Veterinary course with her good friend Jack on Friday night.

Tiffany drove up from La Trobe University in Bundoora also to arrive the Thursday night. Team Joyce were to be together again and enjoying what we love most which is a few days full of showjumping. With record entries planned for the whole show ,every day was going to be jam packed full of jumping for all levels in two rings. Kim Hewlett one of the show organizers said there was 870 rounds !!  ( Full results below )

The Beast & Team Joyce yards

The Beast & yards

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The Horsepower Ultrabeet Euroa Showjumping Classic started on Friday morning at 9am with a 1.05m class and then a 1.20m Strathbogie Shire Welcome Stakes( speed class ) in the afternoon, this is the event Tiffany and LH Folly were to start at. The pair jumped a magnificent faultless fast round and placed 2nd out of the 75 starters.

On the Saturday morning we had to rise very early to walk the course at 7am as Wesley entered LH Puglsy in the Jayco Caravans 1.10m Two Phase, they had 4 faults. This was a first time for LH Pugsly in our taped yards, he was a little on edge on arrival and jumped well but after that he did seem to settle right down when he was taken back to the truck for the rest of his stay. Tiffany and LH Folly then came out and attempted the CEPA Farm Supplies 1.20m Two Phase and again jumped a wonderful clean round just out of the official placings but we were extremely happy with how Folly jumped. Then it was Wesley’s turn and he took LH King Arthur in the Racing Victoria Mini Prix 1.35m and well what a perfect couple of perfect rounds to watch. The King jumped with delight and loved every bit of it and the pair came away with a very pleasing 5th place. Lets not forget Sarah and LH Albert, now what another good day they had because they placed 3rd in the Rowville Trailers 1m class in Ring 2. Sarah and LH Albert are a super combination and considering he was a dressage horse I think she has now converted him to jumping and he loves her and he loves jumping!

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In the evening the committee had planned a great feast for all and the draw was done for the Grand Prix and a Calcutta for the Future Stars event which started first thing Sunday morning. Sunday started again at 7am with the Furture Stars course walk , Wes and Tiffany went out together to see what LH Folly was going to attempt today. The whole list of horses in this class were very talented and anyone of them could do well. It was so exciting to see 12 horses out of the 40 come back for the jump off. Tiffany and LH Folly were one of the 12 and were number 10 to go in the draw. The horses were going fast and some clear which meant if you hoped to go alright one needed to have a crack. Tiffany asked her dad, ” Well dad what should I do?”, Wes said, ” Tiffany all you can do is your best!”.Look after your mare because we are hoping to go to the Australian Championships in a few weeks and that’s where you hope she arrives fit and well prepared. The pair looked at where maybe some time could be made up and the rest was up to the flowing canter she hoped to achieve. Out they go and off they went and yes they had a crack and some spectators roared go Tiffany, faster Tiffany and well she cantered all the way though the finish flags all clear and the smile on Tiffany’s face said it all. That was the very best they could do it was perfect, it was great! Tiffany and LH Folly placed 2nd . We got back to the truck and as always we do a little dance and a little sing feeling very happy and soaking up the moment of joy!

Tiffany Joyce and LH Folly

Tiffany Joyce and LH Folly

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The last class for Team Joyce was the Horsepower Ultrabeet Grand Prix approx 1.40m , this was a massive question mark for our LH King Arthur, Wesley was wanting to see exactly where he was standing with his champion. He was going to ask Arthur whether he was comfortable and ready to jump bigger courses. Arthur warmed up well, he jumped the first 5 fences super and then at number 6 he just looked tired, puffed out and he had four faults, then when the pair came down to the treble and he was not coming in totally straight and drifted and Wes pulled past the C part so they re-attempted the treble again to get straighter and went through with ease. By the time the third last fence came up Arthur again looked tired and just rolled another rail. So all in all 2 rails and 1 run out, Wes was heaving as well he to had worked himself extremely hard to get Arthur to good spots and give his horse every chance to jump the fences well. Team Joyce were stoked with how the King jumped, he  needs to stay at 1.35m level for a while longer and become jumping fit and let his mind mature to tackle the large fences. He has the scope and ability, he just needs the miles and experience. The Euroa show was great fun for us we packed up and all drove our separate ways, Sarah upwards to NSW and Tiffany back to Melbourne and Wes and I back to South Gippsland. This would have to be the hardest part of the three days, everyone saying goodbye and waving trying to make plans to all meet up again.

Many thanks must go the volunteers who worked tirelessly ALL weekend to provide a super show for everyone. The organizers were so lovely and went out of their way to please each person and took as many entries as possible. The gate Marshall Daniel Leach made sure all riders were in order and knew when their turn was coming up which again was a massive job and done so well. The facilities are fantastic and the jumping arenas held up well because once again they had workers maintaining the grounds. Well done  to all and we shall see you in 2014.

Next weekend Team Joyce are off to the Sale Showjumping Classic. Stay tuned for more news about our lead into the Aussie champs!.

Oh and Mirrin Mc Kay and LH Brittany had a wonderful weekend at the Ayr Hill in the ISJ LEVEL 5 INTERMEDIATE . The pair placed 1st in the Two Phase and 2nd place in the Grand Prix therefore they came Runner up Overall. Congratulations !!

LH Brittany and Mirrin Mc Kay

LH Brittany and Mirrin Mc Kay

Full results:

2013 Horsepower Ultrabeet Euroa Jumping Classic

Class 1: Strathbogie Shire Welcome Stakes 1.05m

  1. James Harvey
  2. Breanne Moody
  3. Ally Lamb
  4. Rebecca Lawson
  5. Belinda Greig
  6. Gerald Monteith

Class 2: Strathbogie Shire Welcome Stakes 1.20m

  1. Jacob Wells- BP Poets Corner
  2. Tiffany Joyce- LH Folly
  3. Alex Green- Chin Chok
  4. Russ Morrison- Frosty Gold
  5. Melissa Foresch- Glenara Bollinger
  6. Alice Cooney- Galvey Bay

Ring 1 Saturday

Class 3: Jayco Caravans 1.10 Two Phase

  1. James Harvey- Patangas Oberon
  2. Chris Smith- Sansrit Park Ali K
  3. Emily Van Sonsbeek- BP Llewey
  4. Cyle Sheera Jones- Bronco Billy
  5. Stuart Brennan- TP Landerson
  6. Emily Van Sonsbeek- GP Shine
  7. Rebecca Lawson- Blackall Park Bellarina
  8. Vanessa Weir- BP Striking Diamond

Class 4: CEPA Farm Supplies 1.20m Two Phase

  1. Jess Barton- Carisma
  2. Ally Lamb- Veliki
  3. Jacob Wells- BP Poets Corner
  4. Paul Brent- Cavalli Park Annibell
  5. Jervaise Prime- Saddle up Fire and Ice
  6. James Harvey- Patangus Oberon
  7. Joseph Patterson- Redgum Knight rider
  8. James Ellis- Centaur MVNZ

Class 5: Racing Victoria Mini Prix 1.35m

  1. Jamie Kermond- Lamaz
  2. Stevie Hill- Yalambi Park Bellini Star
  3. Brook Dobbin- Silvo
  4. Jamie Coman- Nic of Time
  5. Wes Joyce- LH King Arthur
  6. Ally Lamb- Penrose

Sunday Ring 1

Class 6: Horse Rail Future Stars Championship

  1. Stevie Hill- Yalambi Bellini Star
  2. Tiffany Joyce- LH Folly
  3. Ally Lamb- Veliki
  4. Zoe Boulton- Gotta Go Go
  5. Paul Brent- Cavalli Park Annabell
  6. Zac Hopkinson- Bittern Park Layland
  7. Russ Morrison- Frosty Gold
  8. Zoe Boulton- Coolart Farm Short Torque

Class 7: Horsepower Ultrabeet Grand Prix

  1. Jamie Kermond- Lamaza
  2. Brook Dobbin- Silvo
  3. Sam Williams- High Rail Salt Bush
  4. Andrew Lamb- CP Argento
  5. Cylde Sherra Jones- Easy Dash
  6. Anthony March- Renovator
  7. Ally Lamb- Penrose
  8. Jess Barton- Alondra

Class 8: Willow Farm Equine Farrier Services Bronze Championship

  1. Tori Stuckey- Mayfield Noble
  2. Belinda Greig- The White Witch
  3. Kate Crawford- Voodoo Child
  4. Murray Sproull- Hollingrove Eve
  5. Toni Scattergood- Contessa IV
  6. Sue Coman- Rose Cavalier
  7. Laura Santry- Marine Park Ringo
  8. Gerald Monteith- Serendipity Rose

Class 8A: Top Tac 1.15 Height Class

  1. Airlie Robinson- Mt. Robinson Gwaihir
  2. Chris Smith- Sanskrit Park Ali K
  3. Emily Van Sonsbeek- BP Llewy
  4. Joseph Patterson-Twins Santorini

Saturday Ring 2

Class 9: Williamsons At Tallarook 75cm Senior

    1. Athena Williamson
    2. Hector Williamson
    3. Kate Rowe
    4. Gerald Monteith
    5. Barry Barto
    6. Melanie Robinson

Class 9a: Horsepower Ultrabeet 75cm Junior

  1. Roslyn Burns
  2. Bronte Hutchinson
  3. Lauchlan Huisman
  4. Keely Willis
  5. Georgia Price
  6. Emily Sterling

Class 10: Fox Ag and Flexible Fit 90cm

  1. Kate Crawford
  2. Celine Moody
  3. Cailin Mundy
  4. Russell Morrison
  5. Kearie Wright
  6. Amy Lynch

Class 11: Rowville Trailers 1m

  1. Russell Morrison
  2. Anthony March
  3. Sarah Joyce  ~ LH Albert
  4. Kate Hassel
  5. Jasmine Beuelmaus
  6. Kate Higgin

Class 12a: Progressive Equine Junior Championship 1.05

  1. Breanne Moody
  2. Gerald Monteith
  3. Kate Crawford
  4. Sebastian Corboy
  5. Paige Cartwright
  6. Jasmine Beuelmaus

Class 12: JP Saddlery 1.05 6 points and under Championship

  1. Melissa Froesh
  2. Melissa Froesh
  3. Airlie Robinson
  4. Robyn Keam
  5. Emma McCrae
  6. Sam Norris
  7. Simon Watt
  8. Kearie Wright

Class 13: Rockmount 85cm

  1. Yvonne Morrison
  2. Keely Willis
  3. Robyn Richards
  4. Rachael Brent
  5. Brook Dobbin
  6. Zoe Barbetti

Class 14: Trevic Park 95cm

  1. Cindy Morrison
  2. Toni Scattergood
  3. Robyn Richards
  4. Hannah Wigg
  5. Alexander Green
  6. Kearie Wright


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