Chapter 5 The Beginning of Team Joyce

It was not long and Tiffany became very keen to learn how she could ride all by herself. Watching Sarah at the age of four canter around the arena and jumping with delight helped make Tiffany hungry to do the same! Wes found out that the white pony named Billy that we actually owned when we had the riding school at Donvale was up for sale and he snapped him up quick smart. Sarah took to him and the pair were beaming with confidence so Midget was then free for Tiffany. It waas easier to have a pony each than to flog one all day long every day of the week. Now two ponies were coping a hounding and Sarah and Tiffany woke every morning smiling excited to put the jonkers , boots and hat on out to ride. Sarah was and still is amazing when it comes to teaching others she has so much patience along with a beautiful soothing voice.  Tiffany followed Sarah everywhere and asked Sarah to help her do everything!! Team Joyce are living at Coldtsream here and the arena was nice and soft. ‘ Elliott ‘ our Irish Wolf Hound thoroughly enjoyed the hustle and bustle, he followed the girls everywhere.

I dislike the sound of my screeching voice but its all to late now and it was more important to hear the girls as they are just gorgeous to listen to. So sorry about my voice……

Enjoy the videos of Sarah at 4 yo starting out with teaching her sister Tiffany aged 2 yo.

First one is short and sweet:

This one is a must see……..

Stay tuned for more funny footage…