Cera Ducati

Team Joyce are so pleased with how Cera Ducati , (Handsome) behaved on his first experience on the road trekking from one to show another across Victoria and NSW. Wes made sure he had plenty of room up the front of the truck by giving him one and half bays. He now stands at over 17.1hh. Still quite lanky, looses top line easily from week to week , puts weight back on and the cycle starts again. That is young horses of this type , he has a huge amount of developing to do over the next 2-3 years.

The portable stables are just the best

It gives us peace of mind

We had the tubing completed by Hanley Welding & Equine Services then Wes and I put all the tarp and shade cloth on ourselves. They are very easy to erect and put away. It just means we have to bring the trailer everywhere behind the Beast. It is worth the peace of mind when we have Cera Ducati at the shows.

The 30 year old Beast & trailer both are old but very reliable

Very well behaved for a stallion

Handsome does get excited like all stallions but so far he has been very manageable. He loves to talk and whinnies for everything especially food. His favorite meal is Barastoc Complete Performer with a small amount of Competitor & Groom along with large amounts if grass hay. He eats like an elephant and poops like one to lol.

Started at 75cm finished at 1.04m

His first jumping round started at 75cm at Bega and by the end of the show he was easily doing 95cm. He was very relaxed at Moruya at 1m and by the time we finished at Canberra State Championships he was easily managing the 1.04m. After a short break we then took him to the Boneo Cup and the Australian Jumping Championships where he made the Pearl Final which was 1.04m by the last day.

Cera Ducati
Cera Ducati @OneEyedFrog Photography
Photo Ian Ashman at the Australian Jumping Championships

Photo One Eyed Frog at the Australian Jumping Championships

Time faults are a constant result

Wes is well aware that time faults are going to be happening for quite a while. This is all part and parcel of the patience and training required making sure Handsome is not under any pressure and enjoys jumping. It has to be a pleasant experience , we want him excited to go out in the arena. Volta does and we hope Handsome will to. So far so good.

Here are some action shots taken from all the shows so far

Cera Ducati
Cera Ducati 5th Moruya 1.04m

Team Joyce cannot wait for all our Cera Ducati progeny to mature and make their debut in the the showjumping arena.

It has taken over 25 years to finally achieve the cross in blood that Wes has hoped for. Four stallions and here we are ‘ LH Valentina has just produced the most gorgeous filly LH Princess Di. His dream was to produce a forward kind easy going showjumper. Really we need to wait another 2 years yet ‘ becasue sometimes its the third foal from a maiden mare which gives you a good indication of what they produce hence why breeding is such a long journey.

Enjoy having a quick look at LH Dulcea, LH Della, LH Drumstick, LH Derek , LH Daphne & LH Princess Di

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