Bright colourful showjumps and fills

For Wesley’s birthday the girls and I brought him some new bright colourful showjumps and fills. Thanks to Horizon Showjumps – Kick on Showjumps , Gary baxter Showjumps & Samuel Robertson Engineering. We have had a set for 30 years and it was 10 years old then. The wings are so heavy it was time to lighten the load.

Wes loves his birthday present new bright colourful showjumps and fills

As you can see the plastic is still on some poles and the brick wall. I just cannot seem to bring myself to peeling it all off. Trying to keep it new as long as I can lol. It has been a great tool for the youngsters giving them something new to see now and then.

Oaks Volta showjumps

Thank you Samuel Robertson Engineering for the new wings. They are light and tough…

It is always hard marking the brand new – the paint is bound to chip soon enough they are showjumps

Have a look at how Oaks Volta went today.