Boneo Cup

Team Joyce used the Boneo Cup as a run in show for the Australian Jumping Championships. It was perfect for us being held at Boneo Park. Because it was not far from home using less fuel in the truck and our horses were able to familiarise themselves with the surroundings before the annual event.

Success for Team Joyce at Boneo Cup

Wes & I arrived on the Wednesday afternoon with Oaks Volta , Cera Ducati & LH Veruca. Our main aim for this show was to prepare Volta for the grass arena as we know last year at the Aussie Titles we did not fair so well having many issues with feet and the surroundings. Volta has not been back since. Veruca was also here to experience the arenas , horses and the jumps in preparation for Sarah to ride her next week.

Volta jumped very well on the grass arena

It amazes us how neat and tidy our Oaks Volta is over every showjump. His front and back legs tucked up as far as he can get them. He is so clean.

Oaks Volta’s results at the Boneo Cup

Wes started in the Open 1.20m Speed on the grass arena jumping a great clean round ending up mid teens. The 1.40m Speed the next day was huge with just 1 rail but full of confidence. On the Sunday they started in the Mini Prix on the sand arena and jumped 2 immaculate rounds with fences at 1.45m-1.50m placing 4th.

Oaks Volta Horseland
Oaks Volta
Have a close look / 3 holes from the top’ this was the last fence in the jump off.
Oaks Volta sails over with plenty of room to spare !
Thank you Ian Ashman for ALL the amazing photographs

Wes’s smile said it all for me. Everything was coming together as they tackled each round. Volta just oozed more confidence as the show went on. Fingers and toes were crossed that we could keep this up for the Australian Jumping Championships.

Cera Ducati came along for the experience and exposure

Cera Ducati jumped clean rounds all weekend. Wes is only gently coaxing him around the courses making sure he enjoys his job. They did obtain time faults but that is to be expected at this stage. LH Veruca did not have any rails either but our main aim with her is exactly the same. No pressure just fun.

Cera Ducati
Thank you Ian Ashman for the great photo

LH Veruca is so much like her father Oaks Volta

Wes made many comments on how strong Veruca felt at only 4. Wes said “She was not spooky at the colors fill or wings. She wanted to get there and jump clean. This one is going to be just as good as all the other Volta progeny. I like riding this one”.

Team Joyce drove home on the Sunday afternoon to rest the horses in the paddock and get a good pick of lush green grass. We will drive back on Tuesday afternoon making sure Oaks Volta is settled and ready to start in the first qualifier of the Future Stars class Wednesday morning .

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