Another HRCAV Dressage competition

This HRCAV Dressage riding bug is very catchy. LH Lily Puss and I are enjoying ourselves immensely. Wesley drove Lil Star and I to another HRCAV Dressage competition close to home. LH Lily Puss and I pointed up to Level 3 after competing at the TTT Dressage event last month. So this day was going to be an interesting one and the last competition for the year.Team Joyce have many great memories stored away from the year 2016.

Wes has been coaching me every day in preparation for the next level

Wes and I at the event

Wes and I at another HRCAV Dressage competition

Back in the day I rode often , my family supported my love for horses and tried very hard to give me plenty of opportunities to enjoy riding. I had lessons regularly at the Anker Riding Academy in Wandin Park. Mum would drop me off early Saturday morning and I would help saddle wash and un-tack the school horses all day long. The best part of the day was the hour riding lesson and hanging out with some girlfriends, before sunset I would be picked up again. My main type of riding was trail riding .

I would ride for many kilometres everywhere all day long I just loved riding

I only competed probably 5 times in my childhood with no success in regards to prizes or placings just the enjoyment being with my horse was very satisfying. Seville Pony Club was a much loved monthly occurrence and I strived for the cleanest gear award every year and actually did achieve the trophy one year. I had the pleasure of owning two horses not at the same time.First came Ben an amazing once in a lifetime horse found by my Uncle Alex & Auntie Julie whom I am forever grateful. Then Zan a grey gelding who was a bit tricky now and then but fun.

So being back in the saddle full time now is a dream come true. Competing with Lily out and about is still nerve wrecking but getting easier. The HRCAV world is a fabulous organisation to be part of for people like me. Meeting so many lovely people getting the same thrills as I do makes our day out complete. I am no world betta, horses are my passion and trying my hand in a few disciplines is all I wish to do.

I class myself as a trail riding queen

My lucky day came up and Lily performed well. Wes called my two tests which made riding easier for me. I feel I am just starting to get the gist of the patterns so maybe next year will not need them called , that is my goal but I do love Wes doing it lol. We had to go home early to scan and inseminate mares and I was so fortunate and grateful to have Carole pick up my card & Lily’s prizes. Bec and Carole blew me away about 5pm that afternoon with the text saying Lil had done well. Lily placed 1st and 3rd winning the Jackpot in Level 3 which took me by total surprise.

She deserves the win she really does’ ….

….becasue of the amount of riding she has had to endure. Back to trail riding now full time for a while. Lil Star deserves a break from the rigorous arena / grass jumping arena riding. Time to hang up our Horseland Anky Dressage saddle until 2017. Truly the saddle from Horseland has made our Dressage training so much better, the jumping saddle was ok but I could not sit up as straight as I should. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for reading our blogs.

Lil Star and I waiting for our first test

Lil Star and I waiting for our first test

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  1. Anna on 6 December 2016 at 6:57 pm

    OMG what memories where did you get that photo from of Ben he was a darling. So long ago you come a long way and all those prizes you won
    No turning back good luck in the future.

    • Trish on 6 December 2016 at 7:57 pm

      Yes it was an oldie but a goodie’ we were all so young back then.