Yarra Valley

The Beast on the hill with LH King Arthur at Wandin Park


Wandin Park was the venue for the Grand Valley Showjumping Classic.

Saturday had lovely weather, a little to hot when the sun came out but

with the slight breeze blowing made it alot more bearable. Large numbers

saw the day finish rather late and everyone ravishing for dinner!

Wesley had a very successful day riding LH Beckham. The first class they

rode in was the 1.25m Open and in the jump off LH Beckham had one rail

but a minor rider error Wesley half halted trying to adjust his stride and

LH Beckham took that signal as a trot to stop, quickly Wes encouraged

him to keep going and basically trotted to a straight fence with

very little room before take off. Which meant a tap of the top rail. But the

rest of the round was terrific. The next class was the 1.35m Open and Wes

wanted to see how LH Beckham would cope with a bigger track and more

technical lines . Mr Leeson Serrit ( course builder) set the course to be a little

challenging in spots. To our delight LH Beckham took it all in his stride and

put on a fine performance! The combination placed 1st…..


Judge Mr Brian Scattergood presenting Wes and LH Beckham with the ribbon.


Good job Beckham



LH King Arthur started in the 1.15m Open and this was hard for him, not the

height but all the tents, flapping signs, people ringside and of course the judges

van as well were all very daunting to him. His eyes  popped open as soon

as he entered the ring. With only one rail down and lots of way wood striding

on course he also accomplished a great round.

On Sunday the sun disappeared by midday but the wind took over all day.

And blew a gale by lunch..LH Beckham had a go at the Mini Prix and with the wind

blowing so hard , he lost concentration on course and also had one rail.

Waiting for there turn


We expect these minor happenings on course at different shows and places because

these two young horses have not seen nor heard it all yet. They need to do the miles

to see more and not worry so much, only time will help them and plenty

of patience. Wes is very happy to give them both that as they are  very nice, handy

confident young horses to have.

Off to Lang Lang next week end to the Port Phillip Showjumping weekend.

Saturday Ring 1