Worming Competition 4


Equimax LV

Welcome to the Equimax LV worming competition. Team Joyce hope you are enjoying the facts about Virbac’s wormers and the benefits of understanding which wormer to use when and why!

  1. Should you over dose or under dose your horse or pony with the Equimax, Equimax LV, Strategy T , Eraquell worming formulas.
  2. Does Eqimax LV treat bots?
  3. What does LV stand for?
  4. What is the name of the other wormer used in rotation with Strategy T?
All answers are highlighted in the October news post just click on the link below to read the answers and send them to us!


The ” Winner ” will receive a FREE  Strategy T wormer , Virbac showbag and Virbac weight tape,curry comb and hat!

Closes 12pm 15th October

The ” Winner” will be announced on the 16th October