Team Joyce had a great show for the first one back in 2012.

Our youngsters were on there best behavior.

LH King Arthur at the truck.


Left: LH Beckham & LH Brittany at the truck.




LH Adelia munching on her hay.

Jordan & Tiffany holding LH Adelia

This was LH Adelia’s very first Offical 1.05m Maiden D Grade

event and Sarah was very happy with how she went. As soon

as she cantered into the ring LH Adelia’s eyes opened very wide.

Then as they were half way round the course the ” Swish swish

ride started up, this also startled LH Adelia a little but because

of her easy going nature she finished the course. Having just 2 rails down

meant they did not return for the jump off but later in the afternoon

Sarah re-saddled to make sure her experience was a very pleasant one

as they just roamed the grounds on a loose rein showing her the show cows

the people with prams and to hear all the noises of the show from the rides

and crowd.

Sarah & LH Adelia watching the horses jump!

Tiffany and LH Brittany went in the C & D Grade 1.15m class and as per usual

LH Brittany was on fire! The surface in the ring is just so good that all the horses

seem to jump extremely well off it. Wesley took LH Beckham and LH King Arthur

in this class also. All of them jumped clean and were eligible for the jump off.

This was going to be a fast jump off as all the horses in it were very good horses.

Wesley went out first on LH Beckham and did a cracking round, cut corners,

sliced fences on angles and jumped clean, he set a real tight time!

Tiffany went out a few horses later and did not take her foot off the peddle,

LH Brittany motored along also at a fast pace, Tiffany opted to go round most

jumps and still ended up faster than her dad” the crowd roared with delight

and Tiffany punched the air with extreme happiness with their attempt.

Wesley then went again on LH King Arthur, as this course was a challenge

for our youngster her took it all in his stride, Wes coaxed him round gently

but with a few attempts to also cut some corners and slice just a few fences

and to our amusement came up with another clean round.

Tiffany and LH Brittany placed 1st

Wesley and LH Beckham placed 2nd

Wesley and LH King Arthur placed 5th

Tiffany & LH Brittany place 1st at the Wonthaggi Show in the C & D Grade

What a good result from Team Joyce’s performance horses….

The presentation with Dad and daughter in the line up is an wonderful

occasion and a rare one.

The last class of the day was the D Grade and Wes rode LH King Arthur.

Once again he proved himself by jumping 2 clean rounds and placing 5th.

Wes is very happy with both his horses, LH Beckham becasue this time last year

he took the liberty of running out at the blue oxers and this year was keen

and happy to jump whatever they approached. LH King Arthur still a Maiden

horse and able to come out and jump 1.15m in his first class so easy and

continuing to jump clean in all his rounds. LH Brittany is always a trooper

and tries her utmost best, Tiffany always says she makes her look good!

Sarah was also most impressed with LH Adelia’s behavior at her very first lively

show and took it all in her stride.With the encouragement of Sarah

reassuring her all day this combination had a superb day also.

Now off to Lang Lang next week, just Wesley and his 2 horses because

Tiffany and Sarah have other commitments. Will post how we go!

Oh Wesley and LH Beckham also won the

“Equinade Showjumper of the Show.”

LH Beckham and Wesley The Equinade Champion Showjumper combination of the Show: Team Joyce wish to Acknowledge the continued dedicated Sponsorship of Equinade $100 voucher for Leading Rider/Combination in Table A Events at the Agricultural Shows throughout the Port Phillip District.

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