Winner for May

Congratulations Maree Young you are the ” Winner ”of guessing closest to Volta’s weight for May. Maree guessed his weight to be 465kg . Team Joyce will be sending you a prize kindly donated by Volta’s Sponsors: Barastoc & Ker, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery, Riders Diary, HorseWyse Magazine and EFO.

Prize consists of: Pakenham Produce a Red hay bag, Parasite Puzzle dvd Barastoc pen and drink bottle Claire Wilson Riders Diary EFO Key ring of a horse bit HorseWyse magazine.

His weight for May was weighed at  466kg which means Volta put on 18kg for the month. This is the largest amount of weight Volta has put on since December 2011, the hard feed and grass are keeping him in top growing condition even out in the cold weather. We have decided he has had a growth spurt during May and now it will be very interesting to see what happens during June. Hopefully his stable will be ready mid June and if it is we shall post it before you start guessing his weight for the month ahead as this could change his end result? Stay tuned…….Do you think it will help him to put on even more weight than 18kg  if he is placed in a stable for all the wet days? Or will he put on his normal gradual amount or will he loose weight?

Have a guess on his weight for June competition starts 15th June!

Volta looks terrific the green lush grass ad-lib, Breed & Grow and Equi-Jewel is definitely the perfect mix for a growing youngster. Team Joyce are even pleasantly surprised to see the differences in Volta each month. We have never  monitored a youngster so closely before and taken the time to make sure they are fed the correct amount with all the right ingredients needed for them to keep on growing properly every day! Volta’s diet is proving to be ideal and not just well but amazingly well ,we can all see in his results each month.

Weight tape showing 466kg

Team Joyce would like to say a massive Thank you to all our guessers and do hope they have another guess for June. We do appreciate all our Likes on Volta’s Facebook page and hope to keep you all interested in his changes and progress each month.