Winner for June

Prize consists of:Barastoc drink bottle and pen : Pakenham Produce & Saddlery Groom Box : Claire Wilson Riders Diary : HorseWyse Magazine : EFO bit key ring Also a Virbac show bag with more goodies!

Tiffany and I drove to Janie Boukina’s house last night to meet in person and have a lovely chat . We had the pleasure of giving Janine all the fantastic prizes she had won and that were kindly donated by Volta’s sponsors. I asked Janie to tell me some news about herself and what she liked to do. The story started off as a child of 10 years loving to ride every day on her most favourite pony called Silver a very white fluffy full of fun every kids dream pony! Janine worked at  riding schools mucking out stables and doing all those dirty duties but loved it because she was around horses.As a teenager she went to Pony Club and to many competitions riding other peoples horses.  Then gained her qualifications to teach riding by sitting exams to get her BHS ( British Horse Society ) Instructors Certificate . Janine moved to Australia 2 years ago coming from Dublin in Ireland and lives with her two cute dogs called Cookie and Lollipop. They have to be the cutest dogs we have ever seen! Cookie is a rare colour of brown and white and loved to be photographed with Janine, she kept licking and wagging her tail. Not long ago Janine  sold her Thoroughbred mare of which she used to do a lot of Eventing and hopes to buy another horse maybe a Warmblood to get back into the saddle on day. Team Joyce wish to say Thankyou to Janie for being part of “Watch Volta Grow” and hopes that in February 2012 will want to meet Volta in real life at the Barastoc Horse of the Year Show held at Werribee Park.

Janie pictured with her beloved Cookie"


Congratulations Janie Boukina you are the ” Winner ”of guessing closest to Volta’s weight for May.  Janie guessed his weight to be  477 kg . Team Joyce will be sending you a prize kindly donated by Volta’s Sponsors: Barastoc & Ker, Pakenham Produce & Saddlery, Riders Diary, HorseWyse Magazine and EFO. 

Weight tape showing 477kg for June


Team Joyce would like to say a massive Thank you to all our guessers and do hope they have another guess for July. We do appreciate all our Likes on Volta’s Facebook page and hope to keep you all interested in his changes and progress each month.