Wes goes eventing

Yes I am proud to say Wes goes eventing,on who you ask well Oaks Volta of course. He has not evented since the Pony Club days. The thought came into his mind after he came to watch me have a Dressage lesson with LH Lily Puss. Who would have thought a showjumper would make the suggestion, I could not believe it.

Oaks Volta loved every bit

Volta's eyes are wide open

Volta’s eyes are wide open

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Volta started off with his eyes wide open. He did not know where to look. He did not like the drop down into a ditch at all, it took quite a lot of tough riding to encourage the jump down. I have two snipets of him actually going down into this tiny ditch, what was his beef we have no idea. Everything else was brilliant. This was definitely a good outing for this young stallion. Just what the doc ordered to flush out some unknowns.

Enjoy the jumping action below

Wes was out of breathe at the end, great Barastoc Chat-ski

Wes looks so happy and Oaks Volta looks so tired no open eyes anymore

Love this smile on my Wes

Love this smile on my Wes