Wes enjoyed a trip down memory lane

Team Joyce had one of the best moments last year at Boneo Park catching up with long time friend Brad. Wow talk about blast from the past. Brad was an Apprentice farrier back then and visited our Donvale Riding School to shoe our riding school horses. The year of 1989 !!

Guess what ‘ we crossed paths ring side at the Boneo Cup.

LH Warsaw

It was the most delightful meeting

Wes & I could not believe it , Brad had not changed a bit still looked young and fit. As it would be he now has the lease of Wes’s past World Cup mare LH Warsaw. Wes & I decided to reunite ourselves with her in the flesh. Enjoy watching the video below of their meeting 🙂

LH Warsaw knew who Wes was

We were kindly greeted by Brad’s lovely partner Emma and then ventured out into the open paddock. Straight away Warsaw sniffed Wes and she snuggled inside his arms. It brought tears to our eyes watching the connection . Who ever says , “Horses do not remember people”, is just not true. As Wes patted her she stood closer ‘ even with the other mares in the paddock she did not leave his side.

LH Warsaw pushed into Wes wanting more attention

You can see how happy Wes is to see his LH Warsaw

LH Warsaw an absolute champion

It was well worth the trip to see our treasured LH Warsaw a matured lady living a great life in retirement. We chatted all the way home reminiscing of all those wonderful years we spent having her in our stable. She is an absolute star who brought Team Joyce immense joy.

LH Warsaw actually won the first class in Part A placed 2nd on the next day and on the third day in this World Cup Class pictured above Wes was shot out of the saddle over the Triple Bar and he injured his groin and retired.

As they say Champion one day bird crumbles the next !!

LH Vienna ‘ LH Vanilla ‘ LH Clarissa ‘ LH Queenbee ‘ & LH Foxy are all half sisters to LH Warsaw. There Dam is Blackall Park Chiquita now retired here at Lals Haven Stud.