Wes and Cera Ducati

Wesley Joyce 2023-2024

Wes has been concentrating on producing his 7yo stallion Cera Ducati. Team Joyce purchased him as a yearling and finally see some progress from all the years of waiting & training. Ducati is called Handsome at home. We chose this name because when we first laid eyes on him at only 6 months of age he stood so tall and proud beside his mother. “ I said to Wes wow he is so handsome “. From that day forward Handsome has stuck.

Cera Ducati - known as Handsome at home with Team Joyce
Cera Ducati – as a yearling

We are very excited and looking forward to the 2023-2024 season ahead. Handsome will step up to the higher levels in showjumping. They tested the 1.30m-1.40m height towards the end this jumping season with success. Both rider and horse are feeling very confident on course, but the bigger dream is to start in Word Cup early 2024. It will be the first time in many years Team Joyce will not travel to the Australian Championships – being held in NSW. The reason being Cera Ducati will not be ready for the Senior section. Starting height update as of this year is 1.50m with the final set at 1.60m.

Cera Ducati Nov 2023 ‘ I am in the background ( Photo credit – OneEyedFrog Photogrpahy )

You will need some immense horsepower to conquer such a course. Maybe the year after if everything keeps going along as planned. We welcome you to join us and see if Handsome competes in his first World Cup next year. We wanted to point out a very important fact that Team Joyce have experienced not once but twice in our lifetime. It is one not to be brushed off and taken with a grain of salt. Barastoc feeds produced Oaks Volta – only fed Barastoc feeds from weaning to top level – Grand Prix Jumping. And today Cera Ducati from a yearling to Grand Prix!

Cera Ducati – Dubbo Royal Grand Prix 2023

Team Joyce quote – It’s better to start feeding quality products early in the life so the animal has the best chance to reach their full potential.

Team Joyce can proudly say ‘Thank you to Barastoc Horse for guiding and supporting our journey and congratulations to you for being an intricate part in producing our elite performance horses.