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Team Joyce will write up detailed posts on Oaks Volta.

We thought it would be of great benefit to many of those out there

who have a youngster themselves or some who would just like

to watch how a youngster develops especially a COLT!  Team Joyce

have bred a few horses over the years and from foals watched them grow

and break them in and produce them as quality Performance horses. This will be a new

adventure for us to because we will not just watch Oaks Volta visually

change but we will write details about his total weight, hair length, hoof

size, color changes, amount of teeth even noting his first bath, free jumping

experience, first trimming of his feet,worming schedule, feeding regime etc..

and so much more. Team Joyce want this whole process to be a live experience

and hope others will Watch Oaks Volta Grow!

We  welcome any questions you may want answered and hope to make

this live interaction and  journey a long and fulfilled one with us, and

in the end stand Oaks Volta at stud for anyone wanting to breed a fine

youngster of there very own!

Stay tuned and enter the quiz questions and have a go at guseeing

Volta’s weight for next month. In turn we shall reward you with a gift

of Thanks for just taking part.

November his weight was 295kg

December his weight was 310kg

January his weight was 335kg

February his weight was 375kg

March his weight is 400kg

What will he be in April? He will be weighed on the 1st April

A live video clip will appear showing his result.

Please enter your guess as a comment on his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WatchVoltaGrow

Please feel free to like the page! Many Thanks…….

If you do not have a Facebook page please guess Volta’s weight below in the comments box

noting the day and time you lodged your guess.

Winner will be announced April 2nd

How we determine the WINNER

The person who has guessed closest to the correct weight the with the earliest day and time is the winner. So if you see a weight amount already posted guess 1 or 2 either side so you may have a better chance of being the winner.

Eg: Some one has guessed 312kg and you were going to put 312kg instead write 313kg or 311kg then your answer is on its own and can be closer or further from the correct answer.It is pointless guessing the same as them because they were already in the lead being an earlier post. So its a good idea to check what others have guessed before you nominate your weight.