Volta Body August

Welcome to Volta’s August body measurements:

Poll to muzzle: 67cm increased by1 cm

Chin to shoulder  (neck length) : 79cm increased by 2cm

Mane length: 24cm increased by 2 cm

Back length: wither to top dock: 119cm increased by 1cm

Tail length top of dock to end tail: 90cm  increased by 8 cm “WOW”, we could see his tail growing daily!

Hind length top of coronet band to hock: 67cm increased by 1cm

Front leg length top of coronet to elbow: 95cm increased by 1cm

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We remeasured Volta’s front feet, they had not been trimmed since April. There are no cracks in his hooves at all and they are growing into a good shape. His off fore was 11cm in April and for July 14cm so his foot has grown 2 cm. His near fore was 11.5cm in April and for July 14.5cm, so this showed us he is growing the same in each hoof. Very interesting to see he was still .5cm larger in the same hoof as last time! These are the little things you would not recognise if you were not being so meticulous and measuring their hooves before each trimming.

Stencils showing Volta's off fore and near fore.

Near fore template,the cement was wet hence the towel!


Off fore template

Stay tuned to enter Equimax worming competition early August!

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