Trip dark side

Team Joyce went on a trip dark side visiting Boneo Park not for Showjumping but Dressage. Boneo Park are hosting the Martin Collins Australian Dressage Championships. All the very best riders from all over Australia trek down or some up hoping to claim an Australian Title.

Trip dark side for one day

Trip dark side

Trip dark side watching the Dressage professionals strut their stuff

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The Barastoc stand was amazing to say the least. It was eye catching and very attractive. The tent was formulated into a feed room come stable. The horse on the back wall looked so real. The new branding of bright colors on all the feed bags stood out a mile.

Barastoc had the best stand by far , so very impressive

Once again Barastoc led the way with being able to capture many curious people passing by. You were offered a lovely sweet treat and welcomed to enter the competition choosing whether to claim a fabulous Horse Porta wash on wheels or 1 hour with Maree Tomkinson.

True Barastoc style the giveaways did not stop there. They offered caps – haybags feed samples and of course free advice about caring nutritionally for your beloved equine friend. So many loved having a photo taken popping their head through the Diamantina frame. This famous super Dressage horse is owned by Maree Tomkinson another Sponsored Barastoc rider.

Some pictures below of the Diamnatina staue

I really enjoyed chatting with so many lovely people finding out more about what they feed their horses. Asking where they had travelled from , how many horses they had entered and of course if they fed Barastoc.

Let me finish on showing you the Barastoc stand in all its glory. If you have time please go over and say hi to the friendly Barastoc Horse people. They will welcome you with open arms and can advise you on the very best equine products on the market today.