Tiffany goes solo and Volta shines in Mt Gambier

Team Joyce went in opposite directions over the Easter weekend. It was the first time Tiffany took LH Johnny to a Showjumping event without her dad & mum. Tiffany goes solo , her boyfriend Aaron was kind enough to drive the float through the hills to Yarra Valley on Easter Saturday. They took their new puppy Nya along as well to experience her first show.

Tiffany goes solo while dad and mum worry sick

We had many conversations about ticking off the many lists I left behind for Tiffany to cross check. They made sure their was plenty of time  to travel the 2 1/2 hours across the hills and be able to sit relax walk the course and tack up. Everything went to plan except one thing. She could not find her spurs therefore rode the first class without them which incurred 4 faults approaching the second last fence. Tiffany said he felt a little dull even though she was pushing him to go faster. A half stride cutting inside to the oxer resulted in a stop , a re-approach they sailed over easy.

We chatted on the phone about the spurs after the class which resulted in her finding the spurs in her boot bag pocket. This was a relief for the Open 1.15m. They waited for over 150 horses until there first round in the open 1.15m jumping a lovely clean round with plenty of gusto. The spurs really made a difference. Only 15 combinations out of 70 made the second round. Tiffany was keen to give it a shot. Johhny was very obliging taking off long or deep resulting in a credible 4th place.

Wes and I were so fortunate that Toni kindly linked us to a LIVE broadcast to watch the action while it happened. We sat in our truck here at Mt Gambier watching Tiffany showjump in Yarra Valley. Technology is amazing – we enjoyed every bit. Then of course we had a long wonderful talk on the phone having our Team Joyce family moment as we always had.

Tiffany LH Johnny

Wes and I took Oaks Volta over to Mt Gambier on Thursday afternoon. This would be a real eye opener for him jumping down inside a Velodrome. On Friday they started in the Open 1.20m, it did not go so well. Wes did mention that his main concern was number 6 a very solid grey looking brick wall. But Volta stopped at fence 2, sure it was very colourful with butterflies and flowers but Wes did not think he would find it scarey. They cleared it easily on the second attempt.

Volta shines in Mt Gambier after rough start

Fence 3, 4 and 9 to 6 were so great. Then the bell’ yes Elimination. Wes jumped 9 instead of 5. They were side by side and the same sort of colours. Remember he was thinking of fence 6. Volta did not even flinch at the grey wall. Anyway they left the arena. The next day resulted in a lovely clear round Open 1.20m. Sunday was even better.

It was the first time we put Volta in 2 classes on the same day. He jumped clean in Open 1.20m and we did not jump off. To our surprise they placed 2nd Open 1.30m.

On the Sunday we awoke bright and early ready to see what the day would bring. Volta also looked very spritely. They jumped in the afternoon Futurity class starting at 1.30pm. We drew number 15 out of 26 . We were so excited when Volta jumped a lovely first clean round making the jump off with 12 other combinations. Although they had a rail the time was extremely fast which on the upside means Volta can take a bit of pressure. Wes was very happy placing 5th.

Team Joyce headed off to Peachtown first thing Tuesday morning to stay with Chooey ( Anthony Thomas ) . We are so fortunate that he gave our Volta a really big comfy stable for 2 nights. His hospitality has always been one of his best traits. He has always looked after Wes & I and made us feel very welcome. We shall stay here until Thursday morning then drive off to Adelaide Showgrounds for the SA Championships on the weekend.

Thank you to everybody who has supported Oaks Volta on his journey travelling interstate.

Stay tuned to see how he fairs this weekend 🙂