Tiffany goes abroad

This year Tiffany is travelling aboard to see how the horse world lives each day, then continue her studies at Denmark and then travel for a while on a tour before coming home to Jumbunna.

Tiffany has left for Europe and will stay for about 7 months. Her first stop is with Phil Lever at his fine stable , click this link to see this breath taking establishment.

Her main jobs will be a stable hand helping with the daily chores of cleaning and saddling. Team Joyce are so grateful that Lever Equine were willing to have Tiffany stay with them and learn how the Professionals in Showjumping  function in another part of the world. We are sure it will be a very rewarding experience and we shall post photos of her time there for all to see.

Stay tuned for more news as Tiffany is now trying to get through the jet lag.

Tiffany boarding at Melbourne Airport

Tiffany boarding at Melbourne Airport