Three rounds for 3 outings

Thank goodness for Treehaven , known as Lever Equestrian. Wes has really enjoyed taking Cera Ducati known as Handsome at home out for exposure & experience. He has jumped 1 round each month going out 3 times. The first time was the 50cm then the 70cm finishing today on the 90cm.

Three rounds for 3 outings thank you Lever Equestrian for providing valuable experience

Handsome took everything in his stride. It was another wonderful experience for him from fence 1 to the very end. You can see how much air he gave the fences. Below is fence 1

Phil & Frida from Lever Equestrian are always so welcoming

Every day has been so well run , both Phil & Frida provide such a warm welcome with a smile every time you pass by. It is a wonderful service offering food & drink ring side as well. Thank you so very much Team Joyce have thoroughly enjoyed the Pay n Jump days. Below is the actual one round Ducati completed for the day.

Cera Ducati
Jumping the last fence with so much air we are so excited about this fella

Handsome is now out for winter

No more riding for now, time to enjoy the cold wet winter days ahead. He will be stabled rugged and treated like a king which is what he deserves. His behaviour has been impeccable. So very different to Volta, not that Volta was naughty just very excitable about everything. Ducati is so cool calm and collected.

Stay tuned for his official showjumping debut after August 2nd 2019

Cera Ducati
Off to have a break over winter

Here is the warm up if you wish to view