Three Princessess

This is the cross we have waited 30 years for. Princess Di, LH Princess Dior and now LH Princess Delta will turn many heads , they possess so much bling. These Princesses are sure to be the pick of the crop. 

Oh my gosh could these Princesses be any more gorgeous? LH Princess Delta is the most liver chestnut we have seen in a while. The white markings just take your breathe away. Her ears are shaped just like her grandfather Oaks Volta. Wesley is so very pleased with ALL the fillies out of LH Valentina.

The cross of Volta & Cera Ducati has been very successful. To think all fillies as well. LH Princess Di – LH Princess Dior and now LH Princess Delta possessing the fine bloodlines from Vivant / Darco/ Diamant de Semilly / Askari / Daley K / Clinton 1 & 11.

These girls are what Team Joyce strived to achieve for over 30 years. The ultimate mixture of quality bloodlines producing top performance horses for the future. Who does not like loads of bling, light flowing movement, compact solid conformation.

Team Joyce are thrilled to have an Oaks Volta mare finally producing many Handsome / Cera Ducati foals.

Exciting times ahead.