Tatura Showjumping Story

Well what a great venue, very impressive with many stables and water and power at all trucks” now that was special.

The Junior Showjumping committee ran a fantastic event over the 2 days. It seemed as though riders came from every where to compete. Class sizes were very large.

Team Joyce took 5 horses: LH Warsaw, Irish Ace, LH Brittany, LH Beckham and LH King Arthur.

It was there first start in 6 months and all performed very well. LH King Arthur saw his first ever Maiden D Grade  official class  and also being indoors was an eye opener for him. He had the dazzle board jump down, Wes just took him calmly and was very pleased with his attitude.

This is LH King Arthur jumping in the warm up area.







Wes on LH Beckham with his 1st rosette”:

Wes at the stables with our Team of horses.

Irish Ace having a rest!

LH Warsaw looking at whats going on??








The Beast on her first outing in a long time, completed enough for now

to go on the road but we still have more to do yet before we go to Adelaide!




LH  Brittany was ridden by Tiffany they jumped a clean round

in the 1.20m and Wes rode Irish Ace also in this class and was

10 seconds quicker than everyone else but had one rail so not this time josephine….

In the evening a Grand Prix was held starting at 7pm.

This class was very well recieved by many spectators and a

good strong field of very talented horses. Wes rode LH Warsaw and they placed 8th.




On the Sunday we were up early for the Maiden D Grade with LH King Arthur

and he had 2 rails in this class, then Tiffany rode in her very first Mini Prix

on LH Brittany which was 1.25m and unfortunately also had 1 rail but came

out of the ring with a beaming smile of success! That’s what we love to see!!

Irish Ace had 1 rail in the Mini Prix .

Then the last class of the day was the D Grade Championship and Wes came

1st again on LH Beckham!!

So all in all a great show for TEAM JOYCE!!












The”  Beast ” has had a face lift, she is looking like new ” Just a sign to put on the back and a few odds and sods and she is away.