Second time

Yes it was hot today’ but that did not dampen our enthusiasm to go showjumping. Team Joyce ventured over to Tonimbuk Indoor, it was the second time for Oaks Volta jumping indoors. Tiffany was able to come with us loading LH Johnny. Sarah has her last day up in Shepparton completing another placement for her Vet course.

Second time for Oaks Volta jumping indoors

Concentration face on for second time jumping indoors

Concentration face on for second time jumping indoors

Starting at 7am meant an early rise but also results going home early as well which was perfect. Volta & Johnny were in the same classes today. The Open 1.10m and 1.20m both were one rounders with no jump off. As per usual Volta was busting to get off the truck to have a look around. Honestly if he could talk we think he would drive us all totally bonkers. The energy strength and determination he possess amazes us.

One of us stays with him at all times when waiting on the truck

Wes and Tiffany walk the course together and I sit with Volta on the truck. It was nice and shady but boy to keep him amused is another thing. So a good friend Anthony came over at one stage and encouraged him to play with his water bottle, then I dressed him up with our new Barastoc caps. Team Joyce love our new delivery of Barastoc goodies – caps , saddle blankets , t-shirts , ear bonnets and even a really flash jacket for Wes to wear in winter.

Barastoc box of goodies arrives just before the show

Below – watch both rounds of Wes & Tiffany 1.20m one after the other


Tiffany & LH Johnny placed 4th in the Open 1.20m. As you can see form the video he did not put a foot wrong. Although I feel it was my fault Volta had the fence down as I was standing right next to the pole videoing. His lost concentration – Wes said he did not mind as its all in the learning for the horse.

Team Joyce had a fabulous day out. Wes & Tiffany are going back on Sunday while Sarah & I are off to Bennison for some HRCAV Dressage fun. Stay tuned for more news and stay cool !