Sarah takes selfies

Well what another wonderful competition day it was for Sarah and her Albi. Sarah has been up at the crack of dawn riding her LH Albert training for the Dressage competition today. Most mornings it has been below 3 degrees and she said it has been freezing!. Wes and I love getting the snap chats with her story of video action and sill shots showing us the meeting Albi to saddling and riding and unsaddling and starting her day in class at University. To know Sarah is loving her riding so much that she is so dedicated all by herself to ride everyday bring immense pleasure and joy to us here at home. All the years of doing it altogether would have to be one of the best parts of family life but to actually see your children grow up and show as much passion by themselves is something else.

Sarah drove Albi and herself to a Dressage Competition right in Wagga Wagga township so the distance was not far at all. Her first test was at 9am and the second at 12pm. It was so funny to see the snap chats of her in the car surrounded by her books and laptop studying and Albi eating his hay beside the float.

Sarah and Albi already for the first test

Sarah and Albi already for the first test, a lovely lady took the picture of the pair. Thank you!

The call with details of the first test arrived just after 9.20am expressing happiness and just two things to work on. Their halt and the canter transition. The second run down was at about 12.30pm and ‘ dad and mum we nailed it’, Albi was so great. Then another call at around 2.00pm ‘oh dad mum we actually placed , thank you dad thank you mum.’ Sarah’s voice was filled with joy and we could imagine her beaming beautiful smile. Hence all the selfies as she was trying to take pictures of her wonderful day , aren’t the mobile phones a good thing!

Albi is definitely the ultimate Dressage Champion!