Sale WCup

Sale World Cup show was a great weekend. Everyone was there!

The organisers had done a superb job in making sure everyone was happy.

Numbers were huge and still they ran on time. Course designer Leeson Serritt

created wonderful courses and the winners came out of the ring with massive smiles.

Team Joyce took 3 horses, LH Beckham, LH King Arthur and LH Brittany.

We decided to make our own yards at this show which turned out for us not so good.

On Friday Wesley rode LH Beckham in the C Grade and jumped a super first round

only to have a fence down in the jump off. LH King Arthur was very fresh in the D Grade

and had the very last fence down, the A & B combination was just to tight for him

to get out of and being so green still he just clipped the last. Tiffany rode LH Brittany

beautifully and also made the Jump off in the Young Rider but also had just one fence down.

Team Joyce did well with 4 faults today, but we are very happy with our horses and looked

forward to Saturday. But the rain came down, yes it rained quote alot. Our yards were

quite wet and our horses looked at us when we awoke to say” What are we doing in this

wet, I should be in my stable”.

Team Joyce heard over the P.A that the first 2 classes were cancelled so they could run the

Mini Prix and World Cup, so with that in mind and Ring 2 looking a tad wet for King Arthur

we packed up our yards and loaded to go home. The horses eagerly walked into there

stables and ate there hay and then laid down to sleep! Very Happy Horses…. “dry and warm”.

Wesley & LH Beckham in C Grade.


Tiffany & LH Brittany in Young Rider


LH Brittany in her yard on Friday with her Barastoc fly veil on


From left:Milly, Jordan, Tiffany Andrew Wooten and Winner of both Young Rider classes Jonathon Smith on his horse


The Beast, Big Rig parked at Sale


LH King Arthur getting up close


Waking up to a wet Saturday


Ring 1 on Saturday morning, held up real well for the 2 top level classes on the day