QLD run with our showjumpers

Team Joyce have really enjoyed the month away doing the QLD run with our LH showjumpers. It was a last minute decision , we owe many thanks to Michelle Lang McMahon for helping us with her guidance on which shows would make a good run. All of them were great in there own way.

Most Agricultural shows have been running for well over 100 years

Oaks Volta in QLD
Oaks Volta in QLD Roma

Biggest realization

One of the things we noticed and are very proud of with Oaks Volta. If you look at his jumping pictures you can see he is always neat and tidy. Both front and back legs are symmetrical over the jump. He is a very neat tidy careful scopey showjumper.

Oaks Volta jumps because he loves it

You can see how he lifts his back legs neat tidy with plenty of room

The entertainment provided at every show was so surprising. We even watched a Rodeo which was on the last night at Goondawindi Gympie & Maryborough & Maleny. The sheep dog trials at Roma were very interesting. Wes used to train / breed working dogs ( Blue Heelers & Border Collies ) and we had two brilliant dogs named Jo & Sonny when we milked cows. They all provided a massive family gathering area during the evenings with music , puppet shows and Big Wheels Motorbikes going before and after the fireworks. Some nights the music did not stop until after 1am.

Every horse steward was very friendly & helpful

The biggest difference from Victoria is the cost. The charges are very simple. You pay a camp fee which was a maximum of $20 a yard or stable fee which was about $10 p/night for the show and then your entries for the classes you want to enter. All the heights under 1m ranged from $2-$10. Higher classes were no more than $50 to win $700.

The prize money was fantastic

Wes placed 5th in Open 1,25m and received $130. It did cost $30 to enter but the prize money for 5th was pretty amazing. Placings went down to 6th in most classes . The most amount of entrants we experienced was 34 in a class. We were shocked. All the shows we entered were Agricultural Shows. The program could start at 70cm ending with 1.35m varying at each show. The organizers want you to enter and stay. They are so friendly and welcoming. The power & water is very reliable.

LH Voleta
LH Voleta daughter of Oaks Volta really developed her mojo while in QLD

Queensland weather is so warming considering that it is winter down in Victoria during this time. So an extra month of nice blue skies makes you feel very content to be away from home for a little bit. There are a few obstacles to consider along the way but very manageable if you start slow. The side shows are at every show ‘ they do not run all day. We made sure we rode our horses in the morning to get a feel for the surroundings.

You have a choice

The judges & stewards are all very supportive. If some of the entertainment does not suit you and your horse the judge is happy to wait. They do not force you to go and jump. They are more than happy to sit tight until the demonstrations finish before you jump. Wes decided not to wait while the motorbikes were on, LH Voleta was fine. But many others did stop and so they should. You do what is right for you and your horse. Safety & comfort is always first.

Many people led their horses around. Nobody makes you feel awkward about it as many people have young horses all doing the same as you. The fireworks are another experience but again once they saw them once the times after that were so easy. Team Joyce held our horses to keep them calm the for 2 lots and after that they stood by themselves. It works a treat.

Wes & I had the best time away in QLD it is a must do if you have not experienced it yet

So do not let those things stop you from having a go. You have to do it once ‘ truly it is worth the kilometers and fuel in the tank. Once you are here the shows are very close. There are so many Agricultural Shows to choose from in all directions.

Team Joyce drove to Finley – Dubbo – shows started here Goondawindi – Taroom – Roma – Gympie – Fraser / Maryborough – Bundaberg – Malaney

On the way home stopped at Kirra to get all the horses Tick sprayed. They are open 6am-7.30pm – $5.50 per horse. Good idea to book 24hrs prior to arrival. Then drove to Taree – Mohyu & home. With plenty of stops unloading the horses in between. Team Joyce are also very fastidious about feeding as you know. When travelling on long distances over so many days we only give light hard feeds with grass hay.

Keep a close eye on your horses well being when travelling

Team Joyce meticulously worked out how much Barastoc Command was needed for Volta & Complete Performer/ Calm Performer for LH Voleta. I rang the feed stores before leaving to make sure they stocked Barastoc because we knew it would run out during the last 16 days. You can only store so much. We loaded as much grass hay on the roof but needed to buy some to finish the trip.

Be very careful when giving new feed or hay

The grass hay up in QLD is very different to the South Gippsland hay. When we knew supply was running low we gave little bits of the QLD hay with the SG hay making the transistion was less stressful on the horses digestive system. You may think that is over the top. But with the warmer climate stress of travel & new places horses stomachs are very sensitive. Team Joyce pay close attention to a happy healthy horse from the inside out. That is why we only feed Barastoc branded products. The only additive necessary are the joint /muscle rejuvenators/ replenshiers.

Peace of mind knowing all our LH Horses are receiving everything they need to stay in top condition through out life in a scoop or 2.

Here are some extras you could attend there are many more not listed

You can add these ones as well we did not attend but other people did ‘ Mitchell – St George – Charliville – Theodore – Ipswich – Childers going right up to Cairns ending in July . There are so many shows to choose from going through till March next year..

We cannot let them disappear they offer far to much

An agricultural show is a public event exhibiting the equipment, animals, sports and recreation associated with agriculture and animal husbandry. The largest comprise a livestock show (a judged event or display in which breeding stock is exhibited), a trade fair, competitions, and entertainment. The work and practices of farmers, animal fanciers, cowboys maybe displayed.

Gympie District Show

Gympie was outstanding in every way. The showjumping program was ideal. Camping for your yourself & horses is perfect. Walking distance is so nothing. Far to many attractions to list here, no wonder thousands of people attend all day and night over the 3 days. Spectacular show sums it up.

Fraser Coast / Maryborough

Team Joyce witnessed hundreds of people enjoying the action Maryborough had to offer. The program was jam packed all day and night with a huge variety of things to see. You could watch people Zumba a Medieval play with people dressed up and Fencing. Wes and I had a ball. Our horses jumped so well they were really relaxed here knowing exactly what was ahead of them.

Volta placed at every show we attended

What a way to end our QLD run

Maleny Show was a terrific experience for our last show. It did not miss a thing. The pig race dog high jump six bar & Rodeo plus fireworks just far to many things to mention here all to amuse the hundreds of people coming thru the gate over the 2 days. It was fantastic to see so many people sit for long periods watching the showjumping. What a way to end our QLD run. Oaks Volta placed again in all his classes even in the 1.40m Maleny Classic. Video below of the 2nd round. Paul Raymont was the course builder. He is the father of well known top Australian / International Showjumper Billy Raymont.

Paul built really good flowing courses for all levels

Just SUPERB we say
Clean in the first round. Had the last fence in the second round. There was a brick wall standing at 1.55m Wes said ” Volta felt great approaching the last 1.60m straight fence felt like he just got tired that’s all !”.
Wes was very very very pleased.
And I am so very very very proud.

Team Joyce start driving home tomorrow

Thank you to those who have supported us on this whole journey we aappreciate all your kind words they really keep us motivated some days. Hope you have enjoyed travelling with us. Bye for now 

Agricultural Show perfect summary

Agricultural shows are an important part of cultural life in small country towns, and a popular event in larger towns and cities. Shows range from small events in small country towns usually lasting two days, through medium-sized events of three days, to large shows, which may run for up to two weeks and combine elements of an amusement park with those of an agricultural show. Although in many countries agriculture shows are increasingly under financial pressure, many towns or areas have a show society and in some areas, several towns and villages in the area all have an annual show. Larger shows often include live entertainment and fireworks in the main arena.

If you wish to see video’s of the jumping more photos go to our Lals Haven Warmbloods Team Joyce Facebook Page

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