Oaks Volta October update

Oaks Volta has been very active with stud duties and being ridden. Team Joyce are very excited  and counting down the weeks until his first baby appears in December. What will it look like, will it be alive and healthy? So much to worry about and yet nature will take its course and there are some things we can do nothing about but accept what will be will be. So far we have inseminated three of our own mares so now we wait again for each one to cycle and hope our own methods of experience and listening to advice from the experts to execute all of the scanning, collecting and inseminating are working. I can reveal that at some moments there are a few raised voices and some minor disagreements on what should happen when things do not go so smoothly. We always try to take the time to stop and think when some processes are not working and talk about what we could do that may help fix the problem and most of the time things sort out just fine. There have been moments when I cannot find the ovary , the mare does not want to be caught or Volta is taking longer today to just do the job! These are all normal little hiccups but you know there is no use getting to hot and upset because that never fixes it only patience and a new concept seems to work every time.

Here are some pictures of Tiffany riding Oaks Volta just last week on a wonderful sunny day




Oaks Volta