Oaks Volta first outing jumping

Oaks Volta needs to see the world so Team Joyce loaded him onto the truck and took him off to Kardella Farm Equestrian for his first outing jumping. This was a great opportunity for a look see at a new place with just a few horses around and a practice jump over a showjump course. We need to take Oaks Volta away from home to make sure he does not become upset or tense in a new environment considering he will be taking a trek for 3 weeks away in August he needs this sort of thing. We decided to saddle him up standing on the truck and Wes mounted him at the edge of the truck ramp. His eyes were bulging’ to say the least.

Oaks Volta showing off his magnificent looks

Oaks Volta showing off his magnificent looks

The best part of this little outing and one we had planned was for peace quiet and not to many horses around , the different scenery was enough to tackle for today. They trotted off with a little flick of the tail and raise of the head eyes staring everywhere! Wes said he felt quite light underneath meaning he was not relaxed at all just yet. After a few laps of the arena he began to settle nicely. Within 5 minutes the pair were off and jumping the course already set up by Russell Morrison. This is one of the perks and why we love going to Kardella as the facilities are fabulous. Even with all this rain the sand arenas are superb and wonderful for feeling safe secure jumping a youngster. Volta jumped everything Wes pointed him at without a worry which is what he was testing him for, to see how lookie and spooky he would be at new venue. The pair walked back on a long rein relaxed and happy we are now looking forward to taking him to the Port Phillip Freshmans day which will be a different kettle of fish with lots of other horses around. Stay tuned for test two I shall video the round there if you wish to see !

Thank you Russell Morrison and Amalfi White for letting us use your facilities you have helped us tremendously today . We look very forward to coming back!

Oaks Volta jumping sorry the weather was quite over cast so not a very bright shot

Oaks Volta jumping sorry the weather was quite over cast so not a very bright shot

Oaks Volta is proudly sponsored by : Barastoc – KER – Horseland – Joint Rejuvenate

Kardella Farm Equestrian offer fantastic facilities for hire, they have a massive sand area set up for Dressage and Jumping.

Whats coming up at Kardella in August !!



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