New Vega Amerigo makes two

Team Joyce started using the Vega mono flap about 2 years ago. Horseland introduced them to us when we expressed wanting a new flatish jump saddle. Wes has never been keen on the so called out the front door types with no knee pads/ blocks. This new Vega Amerigo makes two giving us the option to use a wider or narrower gullet on other horses.

This new Vegas Amerigo makes two giving us more options

You will be so very pleased with the top quality leather used , it is so full of body and yet so supple and easy to mould into your seat/legs. We love the mono flap style creating less bulk. It is not to heavy not to light but just right. If you are looking for a new jump saddle please give these a glance you will be surprised with how good they are not in quality but price to !

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