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Team Joyce are proud to announce a NEW SPONSOR ‘ – All our Lals Haven Warmblood Performance horses are given a small scoop every morning. After one week we are astounded with the results ‘. We did not think it possible to be shinier in the coats as Barastoc feeds produce the same result but we noticed after clipping LH Lily Puss she is glistening after only one week of having this Health Farm Probiotic Blend. Our new sponsor are proving to be well worth the name they claim – bringing good health to our hroses ! Their urine is clearer and they are bright in the eyes . This blend offers you many advantages for example if your horse has an injury like a cut on its leg by giving a small scoop once a day you will be boosting its Immune system therefore feeling good inside and should be up and running at full throttle so healing should be improved.Its the most powerful probiotic on the market and its only $99 including postage and GST for 3 kgs. There are approx 150 doses in a bucket-

Read some of the feedback given by those who have tried it below


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While chatting with a friend today who has been using Healthy Farm for around 12 months. She commented how for the first time in years one of their showjumpers didn’t go off his feed while they were travelling the Wimmera show circuit. It is usual for this horse to stop eating for 2 to 3 days at the start of the trip. Loosing weight and condition. This year he remained on his feed and travelled well and jumped well too. One more reason to feed Healthy Farm Probiotic blend.

One of our very first clients was Kylee Paull and Whiskey Business. Minty had a persistent cough that nothing seemed to clear up. After just 2 Weeks on Healthy Farm Probiotic Blend and Mintys cough was gone. Kylee now keeps Minty on a maintenance dose of Healthy Farm

Click here to read a very informative link  article sent via Allison Sheehan.

The goal in feeding a probiotic supplement is to enhance the hindgut's microbial population and reduce the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

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Please phone Wendy Orchard today 0417 055 536 and ask for your bucket of Healthy Farm Probiotics and make a new start for your horse to feel a whole lot better !