New official owner

Team Joyce decided when life changes its a good idea to change with it. On that note Wes made the final decision LH Johnny would stay. But the new official owner is to be Tiffany. Recently everything altered in her life therefore we readjusted all the plans we had set months ago.

Tiffany moves in a new direction in life – new official owner

LH Johnny and Tiffany jumping

LH Johnny and Tiffany started training 2012

To help with the drastic changes we came up with the obvious new owner for our home bred most loved adored even treasured horse LH Johnny. He was to stay in the Team Joyce stable for as long as Tiffany see fit. She has produced him for many years and enjoyed every moment, how could you not when he has never disappointed us. Johnny deserves the very best as we outlined in the for sale advertisement and now he will get it every day.

Tiffany now lives independently with her lovely boyfriend making a life together and now Johnny can be the third wheel as they say. Her life dream was to one day start a career and still be able to ride and enjoy the companionship of a horse. This is all possible with owning such a once in a life time stead like LH Johnny.

Tiffany and her 2 fav fellas

Tiffany and her 2 fav fellas now in her everyday life

Tiffany can ride every day once a week trail or compete the options are endless

Wes and I feel so good inside about this decision. It is one thing to brain wash your children and have them love what we love but another to help support the passion as they grow older and move away. This is one way we can help and know the horse we have bred is the perfect one to give & enhance Tiffany’s new life ahead. We feel LH Johnny will bring loads of happiness and life is all about living for today.

Enjoy Tiffany – Love dad & mum xx


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