NEW Barastoc Horse Block

A must have for all horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes in all disciplines.

“Barastoc Horse Block”

New packaging and more palatable formula, they will just love it! Team Joyce tried it as soon as it arrived and gave Oaks Volta the very first taste test out in his paddock and to our greatest delight could see he loved it.Then we thought we should try a horse not kept on our property, one that visited that afternoon LH Adelia. Sophie LH Adelia’s new owner drove over for a Jumping  lesson with Wes and because of the NEW packaging  the Barastoc Horse Block could be very easily placed on the side of the float where the horses are tied up . The Barastoc Horse Block sat firmly on the float and LH Adelia could not get enough she just loved the taste.

The pictures show just how much the horses “LOVED” the taste and hoed into it….LH Adelia was biting at it with absolute enjoyment.

The NEW “Barastoc Horse Block” is definitely an extra to have when going to a competition so they can have a lick  if they wish to ad lib, at home where they are tacked up ready to ride , in their stable and even  in the paddock. If you want the very best for your horse or pony give them the chance to taste the Barastoc Horse Block.

This is a definite must have of you own a horse or many. It provides your most beloved treasure with all the Vitamins and Minerals needed that they maybe lacking or it also just makes sure they are never going to miss out on all those extra nutrients needed to keep your horse in healthy, top  condition especially during winter when its so cold and summer when its so hot!



Volta enjoying his Barastoc Horse Block conveniently placed in his paddock.

LH Adelia enjoying Barastoc Horse Block while being tied up beside the float.

Just because it reads HORSE BLOCK do not forget your PONIES to!