New 2023 kids

Lets us welcome the new 2023 kids to Lals Haven Goat Stud. It really is a very exciting time when all the newborns appear. We all wait patiently looking for the labour signs of the does looking close to giving birth. I have a camera installed in the birthing suite so I can watch them 24/7. It is such a relief to be able to open the app and watch the live action.

The first set of twins born on July 17th at 12.35pm was such a simple easy birth. It is not often they give me pleasure of a daytime session. Olive delivered two very strong , healthy twins. A girl named Lals Haven Topdeck & a boy Lals Haven Whitaker. Tiffany has decided to keep the girl but Whitaker will be ready to find his forever home at weaning. He will be fully registered and vaccinated, so if you are looking for a loyal long-time friend, PM me before he is spoken for.